Riding with the BOSS

I am not a big bike lover. But the first bike that I owned way back in college was the Shogun. I rode it three years before which my brother used to ride it. The engine ceased one fine day and the bore had to be replaced with one from Samurai, its poorer cousin. I [...]

How I became an Engineer

I am pretty honest. I have no clue how it happened. I think i might have got away with stuff like this.

Auto Plight

I would like to thank NIKITA for this piece. I had been bugging her for a while and she finally caved in to my pleas. I could say I love you, but my bones are in the right place right now, and I like it that way!   I got up from the bed after [...]

For Maadarc**d

Four years of engineering life, and the same four years in hostel. The best of my life, undoubtedly. I have seen friends come and go. But there was one who never left me, in spite of me! The old lovable hostel mutt. I have known him since the 1st semester. I used to call him [...]

The Last Day

Sequel to ‘Bit of Everything‘ There was a simple tradition I followed. My PC was always the last to be packed. Unfailingly. It used to be crooning the rock melodies till I had done the last of my packing. It was case on the last day as well. I remember listening to “Lost for Words”, [...]

Bit of everything

Its been more than a year since I came to Pune. Have been speaking to so many seniors from SIBM. They all have just one thing to say, ‘Gosh! We really miss the place’. I can’t stop wondering, what they are going through after passing out, I am going through now. No, I am not [...]

History of CRAP

We just had a small discussion today and it got me all nostalgic about the wonderful time we had in college. We had started a magazine in college, called it CRAP!. Yeah, you read it right. That’s what it was called. Even now i wonder how we got away with such a corny name. Will [...]


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