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Beauty and the dork

Let’s be honest. I was not the most sought after guy in school. I was the average guy, with large plastic spectacles, and a hairstyle like the good boys we see in movies. Neatly combed with coconut oil, and dripping wet.

For a dork like me, that I landed with the hottest chick in school surprised me. I don’t get it still. For some reason, we always hid it from people. They would have made too big a deal of it; and I was seriously ill prepared to handle the taunts. We used to go behind the school grounds to usually talk in the lunch breaks.


Like all thirteen year olds I was a jerk, and knew nothing about what one had to say to girls. My idea of a romantic conversation was usually talking about how much hot she looked or just repeating ‘I love you’, till my throat turned dry.

So while the dork of the school was dating the hotie, there were talks of other guys trying to ask her out. All seniors. It was an alarm bell. I was a nobody, and seniors were guys who drove big cars, got bikes to school and had fully loaded wallets. I was a 13 year old who still wore elastic pants with a miniscule pocket money.

So while all the seniors tried their luck on my girl, I had resigned myself to the fate. The end was near. She would soon leave me for a senior who could drive her around and talk romantically. Maybe her parents would also approve. We hardly spoke for the following week, and I avoided the sight of her. Not to mention the phone calls I never answered.

One day while I was walking down the lonely corridor on the top floor, she cornered me. But that was not it; her friends were also with her. They had all surrounded me. Imagine a 13 year old surrounded by 10 girls. I also almost crapped in my pants, while they were shooting questions at me. It was not fair!

She was quiet all the while, but just came forward and gave me a hug. She just asked why. She was entitled for an answer for it. I blurted it out like a kid, just caught stealing cookies.

“Stupid! Why would I leave you for someone else? It’s you I like, not them; I like you for who you are, no matter how dorky you are. And you can continue acting like a jerk, but I am not going to give up on you so easily”

In a relationship that lasted some 6 months, there was only one thing I learnt.

Rain and a sweater

The girl’s hostel was a few miles away from our campus. So whenever we had to meet them, we had to drive all the way there, pick them up and head places.

One evening, a plan just happened and I was heading for a dinner date. It was a nice quiet dinner we had over candle light. I had been saving money for something like this. it was the perfect date.


We reached her hostel at around 9 PM. That was the curfew limit. I sometimes used to wonder how they managed with a life like that. It was already drizzling on our way back, and by now it had started pouring. I had given her my jacket to keep her warm while she snuggled herself behind me on the bike.

I realized a jacket would be no good in a rain like that. I needed something more like a shield. This is when she offered me her sweater. In a jiffy, she went upstairs and got it for me.

It was red and yellow with lots of flowers. It was small, and it reached somewhere just above my tummy. She patted my tummy and gave me a hug.

“Bye”, I said and walked towards my bike. She was looking my way, and I was wondering if I should go back and kiss her. For a 19 year old, I really did not have the balls. Even now when I think about it, I don’t think she would have resisted had I kissed her.

I felt like kicking myself as I kick started my trusty old Shogun, and sped away. I was hoping she would SMS and tell me to come back. No SMS came, and I was only getting more drenched by the minute. With nothing more than a sweater (her’s) and my jacket I reached my hostel. It was a long 6 mile drive.

I reached hostel and zipped the jacket to my neck, avoiding everyone. I wouldn’t want to be seen dead wearing the girl’s sweater. No chance!

I dried myself, and look a good hard look at the sweater. It was by all means a girly sweater. There were a few bunnies by the sleeve, red flowers and was soft as can be. Don’t know why, I just picked it up and smelt it. That’s when I realized, some girls are pretty, some are cute, some are sweet and some just smell great. I had a good sleep that day with the sweater under my head, while it intoxicated my senses. 

Good night babe, maybe I’ll kiss you some other day! I guess I’ll just have to wait!

The other way round

Trust me people, my life is not exciting enough to be posted on a blog and I do not want to list why, how, when etc…

Anyhow, there are certain things that add adventure to my routine life. Things, that I have not seen many gals do and “conventionally” are not expected to do.

No! This is not a sexist post from me. Not another one… ;)

So, I have done few crazy and adventurous things… and do not want to list them here right now. However, I did this very exciting thing recently. We, (my date and me) decided to go for a ride. Thanks to the awesome Bangalore weather. As he took out his bike, I said, “Hey let us take my bike”. Now the whole idea of testing my light, girly vehicle seemed quite amusing to him and kick ass to (I- will-show-my-bike to him) me. I was little nervous riding the bike with a guy behind me (Yes u guessed it right, I seldom do it.)  Especially, as he was the man of the evening.

An ideal Date

It was also about proving a MAN that women are not bad riders.

Therefore, for the rest of the evening, he was my guide. Very rarely I let the man lead, and this was one of them ;) .

We started our ride. The wind after the rain is always so soothing. We went on and on and on… He troubled me big time by banging his head slightly on my helmet… went on doing it especially because he knew it annoyed me. . I tired to hit him every now and then a price he had to pay for annoying me… However, I failed every time. I guess multi tasking does not work every time ;) . It was fun to explore new roads. There was always a slight apprehension of the rains holding us back from riding. After riding for around 45 minutes, we decided to head back. I so badly wanted the date not to end… but well… ending this date meant planning for a new one ;) .

Thanks a lot Mr. Date !!! ;)

I have tried my best to avoid doing things I conventionally do not believe in.

Thanks to all the men who have understood me and co-operated :) .

The guy paying on a date

I hate the funda of men always paying on a date. Once in a while it is ok. I feel its good to go Dutch or take turns to treat each other.. I practice it and  I love to pay on my date. After all, the guys do need a break :)

The guy always picking  you and dropping you back

I take pride in taking my 59.9 cc- 2 stroke- single-cylinder-vehicle. Drives and rides have their own importance and thrill. However, it is still good to be on your own at times. (Also, way you can avoid sitting behind your nemesis ;)

The guy bringing a gift on the date.

I have loved surprising my man with an unexpected gift. The look on his face is priceless. Be it chocolates, a CD, his favorite magazine or any thing else, trust me it is always worth it!!!

Playing the damsel in distress

Ok girls! So, start taking responsibilities for your actions! If you throw your self in an uncomfortable situation. You deserve a tight slap! Do not forget your dude is also a human being. So stop expecting him to be Superman and help u every time u put your self in a SITUATION!

I am sure you all have something to share too.. So go ahead and let me know what you like to do the other way round.

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