Human Billboards

Human Billboards, the next cheapest thing after water.

The Law of Publicity and Social Media

“Strong brands are built with publicity and not advertising”. So what does that have to do with social media, and how does the Law of Publicity fit into the scheme of things? Read on.

Nano: Packing a Punch

The Tatas, have done the impossible. We almost laughed when the idea first came up, and Ratan Tata had made his plans public. There were a lot of speculations on what it would hold, since the cheapest car on Indian roads M800 had the most basic of features. What else could they strip a car [...]

The Other Side

We have been called a lot of names of late. There is an old school of thought we are so full off; the other person is always WRONG! Its hard at times to even see from the other perspective. Shit happens at times but one has to really look into what could have been the [...]

Selling on orkut: Create a business online

This is something I am doing right now (trying to speak to a guy making a sale). And I realized how effective this is to sell stuff online. So what was I doing? I got a scrap from this guy/girl (DVD Maniac) on orkut. The scrap was pretty simple. DVD titles and the price. [...]


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