Ride Back Home

The ride back to Chennai from Kumbakonnam and a making special friend. Read the whole post on

Another Chapter

A short post on closing a chapter and beginning a new one. Read more on

Happiness Is Just Around The Corner

The last blog post from the great city of Hyderabad. About Sparta, finding happiness and what the future beholds. Read the whole post on . Over and out….

The Tipping Points

Why should new years be about resolutions? Let’s just hope for the best this year, shall we?

Journey so far…

I couldn’t sleep that night; and was tossing and turning in my bed. I tried keeping two pillows under my head. Nothing seemed to work. I slept finally at around 1AM and woke up at 4. I picked up the book – “weekend getaways from Hyderabad” out of sheer boredom. I hit upon Nagarjuna Sagar [...]

Tribute to Gascoin Man

This post is a tribute to the greatest urban legend, Gascoin man. I was talking to Rohan the other day and we were reliving all our school memories. Gascoin man, was something we created who used to spread joy with his farts and noxious burps. The crazy things we did to please our very own [...]

Decide Already

Vinni asked me to write for his blog…for those of you that don’t know what kind of writing I do, I mostly write poems and about a few other things that cross my mind. But mostly it’s poems. 
The first problem with this assignment was that I don’t write regularly….i.e. sometimes I write a lot and [...]

Love … for Life

Angel has written a piece like this one after a very long time. This one is a dedication to the fantasy of most of the women (I am not the woman, I am Vinni). To be pampered, loved, surprised and be treated like a princess. The man here has no name and no face. Though [...]


The 10th board results were to be announced in a few minutes. I knew I had given it a good shot, but I could never be too sure. All through school, I had been a 60% kind of a guy. The website as usual conked, and I was trying for the last 2 hours. It [...]

Catches, Condoms and Commitment

A for apple… B for ball… C for…cat… also Commitment… Catches… Condoms… So the more I have known the human race, the more these words have intrigued me. I know I have a long way to go… but what the heck! I don’t mind sharing what I have learnt so far. 
Catches - Makes men [...]

Beauty and the dork

Let’s be honest. I was not the most sought after guy in school. I was the average guy, with large plastic spectacles, and a hairstyle like the good boys we see in movies. Neatly combed with coconut oil, and dripping wet.
For a dork like me, that I landed with the hottest chick in school [...]

Rain and a sweater

The girl’s hostel was a few miles away from our campus. So whenever we had to meet them, we had to drive all the way there, pick them up and head places.
One evening, a plan just happened and I was heading for a dinner date. It was a nice quiet dinner we had over candle [...]

The Movie

“Yeah sure, I’ll be there in 15 minutes, just leaving home”, I said as I locked the door. It was sunny Sunday afternoon, and I was looking forward to the movie I was going to see with her. There is a lot of history between us; and not just the memorable kinds. But something did [...]


So me and Softie sat in the balcony of my sea facing house. We met after a long time and had a lot to catch up. I guess that is the most obvious thing women do when they meet . After talking about our tiny tots, the last gift given by our hubbies, how good [...]

He loves me, he loves me not..

29 July 2008. I remember it like it was yesterday. What was that? Oh sorry! Wrong date! I meant 9th May 1996 of course. The first time I saw him. You see, it was only the previous evening that we had picked up the glasses my optometrist had prescribed for me. We were classmates, good [...]

The Way It Is

I am always asked this question. Why do you drink and smoke so much? The fact is, I don’t know. I drink by the gallons to stay totally sober and I smoke more than I can count. It’s not a good thing in life, and I don’t even try to justify it.
I don’t even remember [...]

The Kid in Us

I haven’t shaved for a month now and have a thick beard. It’s not the sexiest of sights; I don’t want to shave it either. It keeps reminding me of what I have grown up into. Notice the choice of words.

I was browsing through some of the old family snaps, and I can’t believe, it [...]

Why women like men

These might seem very bull, very very bull coming from a 23 year old who has no authority on this subject matter but I’ll go ahead anyway. These are just personal observations, and do not involve any kind of research whatsoever. Please don’t think I am sexist, I am just trying to be a male [...]

Into the Wild

Some movies change you. Into the Wild, is one of them. It’s not yet changed me, but it’s got me thinking a lot. The movie is about Chris McCandless who grew up in Annandale, Virginia, and died at age 24 in a wilderness area of the state of Alaska. After graduating in 1990 from Emory [...]

Friends and “Friends”


We all have a set of friends and “friends”. Initially it’s a challenge to tell apart “friends” from friends. However, if we let life decide for us, it actually turns out to be a painful process. Something like going through a rough patch. A nerve wrecking experience at times!!! Feeling anguished, cheated and hmmmm … [...]

Growing up and moving on

The college days have been good, and not matter what we thought while we were at it, they were the simplest days of our lives. No really. When I think about the assignments we got, the tests we wrote, all of it - very simple. Don’t know why we cribbed so much about them. When [...]

The Other Side

We have been called a lot of names of late. There is an old school of thought we are so full off; the other person is always WRONG! Its hard at times to even see from the other perspective. Shit happens at times but one has to really look into what could have been the [...]

First Salary Wishlist

No, Its not come as yet. But there are a few things i am already planning on spending my first salary. Well, I am not earning that much, but whats the harm in dreaming about it?
Lazy Boy

I found out the price as well. Its 28,000 in India. I learn they also have an EMI option. [...]

Funny Love

Say Hello to ‘Lovestruck’! One of my best pals and someone whom I have known for the past 8 years. Yes, we lost touch for some 5 years in between. And we have had our rough times, but more memorable times. A wonderful friend and beautiful woman, she is someone I would really cherish for [...]

Letting go

There comes a time in everyone’s life when one needs to let go of things and leave them to fate. Whatever happens is not of your concern anymore. But there are somethings that are so hard to let go, its not funny. All the years of toil and effort you put in, you don’t know [...]

I am depressed

I was eating some chicken biryani in the afternoon today. My friend told me that the population of chicken is more than of humans! I mean really??? I was checking the internet for right stats because i refused to believe it. All my hard work had actually gone waste!
These are the dismal figures guys: The [...]


 Meet Joey! Adopted him recently. Joey can now climb stairs and drinks milk all day! The name is not inspired by the famous FRIENDS star. I call him Joey because he is so tiny he, fits into my pocket and likes to hang his head out like a baby kangaroo!

For Maadarc**d

Four years of engineering life, and the same four years in hostel. The best of my life, undoubtedly. I have seen friends come and go. But there was one who never left me, in spite of me! The old lovable hostel mutt. I have known him since the 1st semester. I used to call him [...]

The Last Day

Sequel to ‘Bit of Everything‘

There was a simple tradition I followed. My PC was always the last to be packed. Unfailingly. It used to be crooning the rock melodies till I had done the last of my packing. It was case on the last day as well. I remember listening to “Lost for Words”, by [...]

Bit of everything

Its been more than a year since I came to Pune. Have been speaking to so many seniors from SIBM. They all have just one thing to say, ‘Gosh! We really miss the place’. I can’t stop wondering, what they are going through after passing out, I am going through now. No, I am not [...]

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