Coolest Rickshaw Ride Ever

A good auto ride, a good driver and a kickass auto.

Phir Mile Sur

Phir Mile Sur, 2010 from Mile Sur Mera Tumhara, 1988. 22 Years of a song, 61 years of a Republic. What has changed? Be the change. Read more on

Clenching the Fists of Dissent

This post should have come a bit early, with the writer’s block I am going through and the fact that I had still get my thoughts in place to write this one; please do excuse me.
I was in Bangalore the previous week for the Social Causes Blogger Meet proposed by Roshni, whose objective was to [...]

Indian Curry

While we all see the media hysteria on the racist attacks in Australia, one can’t help but wonder what could have led to this sudden outburst of hate against us. There are over 90000 Indian students in various programmes in Australia. I have quite a few friends there too.  With US and Europe turning a [...]

Shivraj’s Wardrobe

Buttface, my flatmate was in the midst of the shootout in Leopold café. Thankfully, nothing happened to him, he just fled from the place. The attack raises a lot of questions and provides no answers.
Shivraj resigned today a few hours back and took moral responsibility for the same. Modi announced a package of 0ne [...]

The Dead Ones’ Perspective

There are so many things we watch, do and talk about every day. Be it shopping, eating, driving or just lying down. We feel free and are well equipped to put a point across. But have we ever thought of the objects we use or see everyday? I mean I am sure if they could [...]

A to Z of India

The Gateway Of India
A for Aamchi Mumbai. A city that never sleeps. A city that has grown from Bombay to Mumbai, the financial capital of india not only is the fastest but also the city of dreams. The land of Bollywood (Indian cinema). Aamchi Mumbai translates to ‘Our Mumbai’,
B for Butter Chicken. Chicken made in [...]

Featured: The Rice Bowl

I was astonished to see how she scrapped the last few morsels of rice from the bowl. I wondered why she was so particular about cleaning the bowl in that way. I looked down at the heap of rice that had been scrapped from different bowls in the same manner.
Some of us have the luxury [...]

I am the blog

The Video featured in the Pune Blogger Meet on 15th March. The video is not about me or my blog. Its simply put, about the blogger in all of us and how our blogs tend to be more like us or perhaps even the other way around.
I would be talking about the meet however [...]

Nano: Packing a Punch

The Tatas, have done the impossible. We almost laughed when the idea first came up, and Ratan Tata had made his plans public. There were a lot of speculations on what it would hold, since the cheapest car on Indian roads M800 had the most basic of features. What else could they strip a car [...]

A few roses…with love

When was it ever mentioned that Valentine’s Day leads to immorality? Why are the fanatics so hell bent on destroying on the one day that means no harm, but actually spreads some love around? I have over the years read news reports on how; couples were besmeared with cow dung, beaten up and in some [...]

Tiger, tiger, Burning Bright…

I’ll always remember reading books of jungle lore by Kenneth Anderson as a kid. The vivid portrayals of the jungles of south India were a treat to read. While most of this stories and musings were about hunting tigers (mostly man eaters), there were many that dealt with panthers, rogue elephants and even bears. What [...]

One is not enough: Counter View


Vivek, a kannadiga by heart and on of my best pals. We’ve been hostel mates for four years and at the end of the term was voted Ms. Universe for his contribution to ‘womankind’. A sweet guy, with views of his own and powerful ones at that. This kiddo packs a punch! This is a [...]

Unethical business (non)sense!

Dr. Amit Kumar/Dr. Horror. The name runs a chill down your spine. I recently saw the movie Turistas and how a doctor not only dissected the body alive but took all body parts that could be of any use including the skin for transplants. Gross, you will say. But we can’t discount the fact that [...]

One is not enough

I wrote this out of disgust and was published on IBN Live. An excerpt from it. Click on the link to read more.
Raj Thackeray seems to have opened up a pandora’s box. Comments on Big B were uncalled for to say the least. For a progressive state like Maharashtra, this does not go down too [...]

Auto Plight

I would like to thank NIKITA for this piece. I had been bugging her for a while and she finally caved in to my pleas. I could say I love you, but my bones are in the right place right now, and I like it that way!
I got up from the bed after hearing [...]

Alms for Shanti: Varanasi Trail

he second coming into my life. Don’t get confused with the album by Induscreed. Have been listening to this for the last two days; and I can’t stop listening to it. Uday Benegal and Jayesh Gandhi formed the band with some of the best musicians from India like Taufiq Qureshi, Rakesh Chaurasia. Mostly classical. [...]

Forgotten Father

October 2nd, 2007 like every year was ‘Gandhi Jayanti’. When the day started, and when it got over. I have no clue. Maybe I have become one of those people who has no time for anything but for themselves.
When I was in Chandigarh, I used to frequent the Gandhi Bhavan often to pick up [...]

Jai Hind

For many of us it is just another day.Let us take sometime to contemplate our growth as a country and what this land had to offer us.
Many of you to whom are reading this are getting at least 5 digit salary. Is it an unavoidable fact that this country also has a part to [...]

Vande Mataram : Translation by Shree Aurobindo

Mother, I bow to thee!Rich with thy hurrying streams,bright with orchard gleams,Cool with thy winds of delight,Dark fields waving Mother of might,Mother free.
Glory of moonlight dreams,Over thy branches and lordly streams,Clad in thy blossoming trees,Mother, giver of easeLaughing low and sweet!Mother I kiss thy feet,Speaker sweet and low!Mother, to thee I bow.
Who hath said thou [...]


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