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State of the Blogosphere 2009

State of the Blogosphere 2009

A snapshot of the blogosphere as aggregated by technorati.

Blogging and Bloggers for Social Media

Blogging and Bloggers for Social Media

A lot of social media companies today get into using twitter and other forums and perhaps to a large extent even relying on it solely. The problem with most companies is not relying a blogger base along with a twitter following.


These are one hundred percent original. Feel free to forward this to your friends.
“Damn! I am so thirsty, and there is no water. Let me just drink the old sugarcane juice lying around somewhere”.
“This weird thing under the cow’s belly let me try pulling at it, just for fun. Just to see what [...]

Pune Blogger Meet

Listening Carefully, notice the fair guy? Martin, was planted there by us.
A lot has been already said about the Pune Blogger Meet. It was meant to be personal and mostly for networking. Thats what it ended up being. I’d say mission accomplished.
Lot of bloggers have showered praises for the meet. I am happy it [...]

I am the blog

The Video featured in the Pune Blogger Meet on 15th March. The video is not about me or my blog. Its simply put, about the blogger in all of us and how our blogs tend to be more like us or perhaps even the other way around.
I would be talking about the meet however [...]

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