A running dream

I’m just back from a 8 km run. Called the Dream Run organized by SIBM, it had over 500 participants. It should go down as one of the most successful events of the year. But thats not what this is about.

I have been jogging for a while now. But i have never jogged or run for 8 kms. Thats a bit too much let me tell you that. Over the few months I have jogged at a steady pace, taking breaks in between and walking a lot.

This was an eye opener for me. More like, I could also do it. I can! The last sprint was what physiotherapists call the second wind. It was more like the 10th wind for me. But i managed to run the last 100 m as fast as I could. I don’t know what made me do that but I did not walk past the finish line. No chance.

Never go down giving up. Never let it go. Well, darn be it. I shall fight till the end. Never thought I would be sermonizing like this. I am so HAPPY!


6 Responses

  1. shaifali Says:

    well done!

  2. Vinni Says:

    thanks fali. ;)

  3. jiggs Says:

    well done
    feels gr8 to run down the finisg line

  4. Tito Says:

    How much weight did you lose, anyways? :P

  5. Archana Says:

    run more and eat more chicken.. :D
    may be not.. with the bird flu taking a toll of em..
    their population would anyways reduce..

  6. Friends with Rajan Says:

    “Never go down giving up. Never let it go”… these lines will always mean the world to me!!! cause i know, that onde day, they will make my world !!

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