Sending Scraps to all, the safe way

I’ll keep it really plain and simple. The ones presently people are using are dangerous. They could do anything! Anything. Store your password, lock your account. Possibilities are endless.I was looking for user scripts for greasemonkey to do the same. I got this one. I’ll tell you why its good.

  • Does not append any advertisements at the bottom of the scrap!
  • Is free from any malware (I have checked the code, but i could be wrong!)
  • Provides a nice interface to send scraps.
  • Simple customization is possible.

What you need to do is this:

  1. Download Firefox (Yeah, it will not work with IE)
  2. Download the GreaseMonkey addon (from here)
  3. Check this user script (from here)
  4. Click the button which says install.
  5. Login to your Orkut Account and visit

Yeah, you’re done! Keep rocking.

Your friendly neighborhood whiz kid,


6 Responses

  1. Tito Says:

    Did wonders.

    Keep posting other domestic IT solutions. :P

  2. vinni Says:

    sure thing buddy! there will be more!

  3. Acquaintant with Rajan Says:

    Wow vinni mushkil hal kar dee aapne.. sabhee Orkut lovers kee taraf se apko shat shat naman…

  4. vinni Says:

    yaar! who is this acquaintance i am not aware of! I really want to know!

  5. PLZZZZZZZZZ help Says:

    how to install scripts

  6. Plz tell Says:

    Thank ya very much
    It is simply great
    I love it

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