Media Monkey 2.5 : A software review

Thats how i looked like when i saw this great music library! what a piece of code they have written.

I won’t waste too much of my time and yours with a tedious review. Here are some features which really kick WMP10 and WinAmp’s Ass!

  • Fantastic media management
  • Full suport for Media tags, amazing tag editor bundled.
  • Sleep timer (play and go to sleep!)
  • Support for CD Writing, CD Ripping (in all formats)
  • Virtual CDs (yes! you got it right!)
  • Complete hard disk browser (WMP style, not just play lists)
  • Auto detect changes in media on computer
  • Seriously FAST!
  • No bugs! ( i am not joking!)
  • fantastically robust
  • Good search support
  • Highly customizable playlist support
  • Imports media information from media player! (that includes ratings etc).

Recommended for serious music enthusiasts only. Beginners might feel totally lost with the shit load of options and tweaks it comes with.

Point score:

Features: 9.5/10.

Bugs: NIL

Stabilty: 10/10

Ease of use: 5/10

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