Super Duper Kid, Part I

Ladies and gentlemen! Presenting, the adventures of the super-duper kid, the then alter ego of mild mannered Vinni. I crack myself up when I remember all the things I did when I was a kid. When you are young, the funny thing is, you really don’t even give a damn because you know your folks will bail you out.

Misadventure 1

I always wondered what this tiny little thing was that used to be sticking out between my legs. I was around 3 years old then, and one day with great difficulty I climbed the table by stacking up some boxes and made a make-shift ladder and got hold of a knife. Just when I was getting rid of the stupid little wart, my mom was like “Vinniiiiiiiiii! And then I was ceremoniously escorted back to my room and given a teddy to play with. It was also my first sex education class, when I was told how important the wart was to make more Vinni’s in the future.

Misadventure 2

Then there was this other time when we were in Bombay, and dad had recently introduced me to the great bird called the chicken. My brother used to get it, from somewhere. Somewhere. I once asked him where he used to get it from. He said, he used to go all the way to Delhi. I was awe struck! He took two hours to reach Delhi and back and those tasty little birds in various shapes. He even conned me into giving the leg pieces for all the hard work. In fact for all the hard work he used to do then, I still give him the leg pieces.

Misadventure 3

I used to love jam as a kid. Finishing a bottle of jam a day, was the usual day of some hyperactivity and some loopy moments. It used to be bliss. Then one day my brother broke the sad news to me, eating jam caused ‘Jamosis’. In this very common condition, mostly suffered by kids of my age, the body becomes a lump of red mass. You lose the shape of the body, become like Pappu who seemed to have a bad case of Jamosis. I still think twice before having that jam with my bread.

Misadventure 4

One fateful day, the maid servant asked for some tea after a hard day’s work. Under strict instructions, I was not allowed to work the gas stove. The only other option was the microwave. So I took some milk, some sugar (10 spoon fulls) and then finally tea powder. Mixed it up, wondering why the tea powder was refusing to mix. I was still wondering why the whole concoction was so thick. Maybe, that’s how the experts made it. I put it into the microwave and voila! Fresh creamy tea served in 5 minutes. She did not turn up the next week and I think she also asked for a pay hike.

More adventures of the Super Duper Kid, only on Life in 360!

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  1. SachinNo Gravatar Says:

    LOL !!! the first Misadventure was then best one………..

  2. HarishNo Gravatar Says:

    Yeah man…those were the days…

    It just seems like last month when we were running up and down the Ring Road with our underwear over our head and screaming like lil ladies…wait a minute!! That WAS last month…Oops, sorry for divulging our nocturnal forays on a public forum…he he

    BTW..Did your mom manage to get the knife away in time or does the cruiser has a short silencer?

  3. barathNo Gravatar Says:

    Dude. well!!! Hope you’re educated enough now not to take a knife anywhere there! I forgot that i was in my library and roared out in laughter….

    Jamosis and well being a kid bro myself, I stiill wonder how heroically tehy cheat us and still we worship the awfull wonderness of them…

    Waiting to read more Vinni lil boy…

  4. LaasyaNo Gravatar Says:

    Ha ha! You’re not going to believe this - My parents told me that if I drank coffee I’d start walking on all fours, grow horns, a tail and eventually, morph into a buffalo. Which is why I still don’t drink coffee unless it’s Cold Sparkle from CCD.
    Childhood! Sigh…

  5. RamNo Gravatar Says:

    Ha ha ha .. First one rocks… tea one was great too… Great going dude

  6. RichaNo Gravatar Says:

    hehehee…the tea part was really was the jamosis. I remember my parents always telling me a tree will grow in my belly if I ate seeds of fruits and that I would eventually become a tree!I can still imagine branches and leaves growing out of my mouth!

  7. AngelismNo Gravatar Says:

    Damn cute Vinni.. i always knew u were weird even as a kid..
    I remember the day when my mom was ironing clothes and i asked her if I could touch the iron. She obviously she said a BIG NO!!! But me, being a stubborn kid, kept on insisting. She got so frustrated that she said a YES.. and there i was.. keeping my left hand on the iron… the whole night was spent howling and crying in mom’s arms and one week with boils in my hands. I will never forget that day :)
    Guess that was me being just a another 6 year old kid J

  8. vinniNo Gravatar Says:

    yeah! times like these remind you of all the younger years. the years lost. but its nice to see so many people talk about their childhood! thanks all!

  9. GayatriNo Gravatar Says:

    my cousin sister used to put a rope around my neck and walk me around on my fours and pretend i was her dog :D

    now beat that!

  10. PoliNo Gravatar Says:

    OMG! I keep imagining Raj Kumar finding u and going.. Jaani yeh chaku hai… :P

  11. umaNo Gravatar Says:

    now i got some tips here to stop my baby’s misadventures ,he is fond of electric wires…

  12. shaifaliNo Gravatar Says:

    well done..funny it is

  13. PreetiNo Gravatar Says:

    This is one hillarious post! You have outdone yourself again!! Waiting eagerly for the Super Duper Kid Part II.

    And dont be disappointed, size does not matter ;)

  14. EnigmaNo Gravatar Says:

    Hahahah..woa,, this craked me up so much…heheheh…well hope u survived Misadventure 1 without much bruises..heheh…ahh childhood…..

  15. vinniNo Gravatar Says:

    @poli: nothing happened! i was saved in the nik of time to ensure future Vinnis. cheers!

  16. vinniNo Gravatar Says:

    @gayatri, why in the world would she do that? goodness me!

  17. vinniNo Gravatar Says:

    @preeti, size is not my concern really. :) i was three then, what do you expect? an oar?
    and super duper Kid II is coming soon!

  18. vinniNo Gravatar Says:

    thanks a lot guys for all the inputs, part II will be up in some days1 keep watching this space.

  19. PriyaNo Gravatar Says:

    Rofl. . . I have got laughosis after reading ur post . .Good one:)

  20. NikhilNo Gravatar Says:

    Lemme guess, misadventure 4 is where you realized that the tiny wart has other uses as well and that its size is deceptive?? :D ;)

  21. KetanNo Gravatar Says:

    That was a hilarious set of misadventures!!!
    Keep em coming!

  22. Friends with RajanNo Gravatar Says:

    …”nik of time to ensure future Vinnis.” interesting line…. ;)

  23. VinniNo Gravatar Says:

    my dear friend, maybe we can make vinni’s some time. ;)

  24. TrailblazerNo Gravatar Says:

    Well written Vineet.

  25. vinniNo Gravatar Says:

    thanks mate! will work harder next time.

  26. NishanthNo Gravatar Says:

    if mom had not showed up on time that day,wat wud have happened MAN??…ever thought bout it :P ..

    The post was hilarious vinni especially the first MISadventure and btw …a very very late thanks for commenting on the snaps… ;).

  27. VinniNo Gravatar Says:

    no more future vinni’s is all i can say. thank goodness for small mercies, i am well equipped to make more of me.

  28. meghanaNo Gravatar Says:

    misadventure 3 !

    jamosis ! really ?! u shud get some award for coining the weirdest of such terms :)

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