The Dead Ones’ Perspective

There are so many things we watch, do and talk about every day. Be it shopping, eating, driving or just lying down. We feel free and are well equipped to put a point across. But have we ever thought of the objects we use or see everyday? I mean I am sure if they could speak, they could have spoken a hell LOT!!

Let’s take a heap of Lady’s finger or bhindi as we commonly know. We always pick the ones on the top of the heap. Isn’t it unfair to the ones that have been unfortunately placed at the bottom? I mean they are as fresh as the ones on the top, but we are not keen enough to dig deep, we happily pick up the ones on the top. I really feel sorry for the left out ones. And the irony is that by the time the top layer of the heap has been picked and the ones in the bottom are exposed, either they are rotten or another layer of bhindi is poured on top of them. Something like standing in the queue for the ticket of a movie and just as you are about to reach the window, the counter closes with a board oscillating with the “SOLD OUT” sign.

The never ending visits of my not-so-near ones and dear ones made me think about my old bed. It has been bearing the load of all my well fed relatives. It used to complain once in a while by making a squealing noise but sill did a good job. My niece jumped on it, my 101 kg neighbor sat on it, the latest edition to my aunt’s family peed on it and the bed still stands or should I say lies strong.

My old eraser (don’t know how I still have it) has blackened edges now. But still is lying in my pencil box seems to glow with confidence of being used one day. My kid brother does use it at times. I am sure that it must be a real morale booster for the eraser.

I often picture these remix songs walking in fultoo attitude, wearing blinks, long jackets and the aura of glamour around them. They must be feeling so in. Even though they stay only for few weeks, yet they have a solid (positive/negative) impact on us.

They are like wannabe teenagers. They grow on us soon and then we tend to ignore them as we are annoyed by their continuous existence!!

Do send your thoughts about the things you wish could speak . Run your imagination and tell me what they could have possibly said.

5 Responses

  1. Prats Says:

    I am sure about one thing, which I would have loved to speak to me. My first computer, it would have told me the dejection and jealousy it would have felt on all the computers and Notebooks I have bought over the years. It could have cried for its inability to mate with the new age babes (read USB devices). But I would have loved to talk to it and especially would like to tell ” I know you are old and I hardly use you anymore, but what I am today I owe it all to you” :-)

  2. Ritu Says:

    Oh yea… I feel that way about my poor laptop…serving me 10-12 hours a day without so much as a fan whirrrrrr….

  3. meghana Says:

    i think my footwear would start howling at me since i jump hop skip -all terrain ,thanks to it :)

  4. vinni Says:

    everyday i wonder what my blog says! vinni dont leave me alone! and everyday i say to it, my honey bun, no i wont leave you. you are all mine and stay away from angel!

  5. sam Says:

    i dunno wot to say.. have been leaving behind too many things over the years!!

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