Friends and “Friends”



We all have a set of friends and “friends”. Initially it’s a challenge to tell apart “friends” from friends. However, if we let life decide for us, it actually turns out to be a painful process. Something like going through a rough patch. A nerve wrecking experience at times!!! Feeling anguished, cheated and hmmmm … made u very sad. I am sure you have made a mental catalog of your “friends”. Some might have used you, broken your trust, and stolen your better halves and all those universal acts that are actually a NO NO in friendship. Justifications, apologies trying to make up, sometimes all these acts fail to mend your battered hearts. So, the easiest way out is to try to forget these one time friends. Hence, the pain is gone. Forever!!

Alternatively, you struggle to analyze what went wrong; you decide to sketch a revenge plan. How about “TIT FOR TAT”? Old, but effective. The evil inside you is live and kicking and churning the gray cells to choose the next step.

  • Give them a cold shoulder
  • Stop sharing secrets
  • Plot to steal back
  • Decide to just use them now on
  • No more updating each other with the latest sale in the town.
  • You have all the information about the new chick in the tuition but well no more passing on.
  • Just stop talking


Slowly these friends are put in quotes!!
As you decide your course of treatment, you also start with the Dos and Don’ts for the future. Good times are forgotten and your quest for a new herd begins. May be this time you will find a better pal. You will make sure not to get too close with any one. Hence, reduce the risk of getting hurt. Every one will be equally distant/close to you. You become cautious and try and develop new interests. Open a gateway for people with a new school of thought.

Of course we just happen to make pals. This is just a set of thoughts that run in the subconscious. Most of us are socially active and so don’t have time to think, plan and make pals. But what if we had? You think we could crack a good deal by caution? Some perfectionists might secretly agree. If they are reading this, I wont be surprised if they device some law or formula of how to choose a friends and avoid “friends”.

Friends incidents/circumstances——->”Friends”

There is a friend and “friend” in each of us like the world-renowned yin yang, black and white etc. May be friendship suffers with M. P.D. Anyhow, I just pray that all you people are blessed with FRIENDS as long as you live.


P.S: A note of thanks to:
Vinni for giving my article a refuge.
All my friends for being there for me.
All my “friends” - I would not have gone through HELL without you.

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  1. Sachin Says:

    I guess it is part of life to come across “friends”, without them life would become really boring. when we come across this types of “friends”, then only we realize the real worth of true friends.

  2. Ps Says:

    This made a good read.Naive trusting me took so long to figure out that many are just fair weather friends.Now I know whom I can count on.

  3. Divkiran Says:

    Good one Angel…
    I guess its very important to meet “Friends”…and a whole lot of them cuz else we will not be able to identify the true friends and appreciate them. Everytime i meet one of the “friends”, i actualy thank my stars for blessing me with my friends. without them, life would be so much more difficult.
    Once again, good work :)

  4. Vinni Says:

    yeah, its always best to meet friends. u do learn a lot from them, dont you. i am angel also did!

  5. Matangi Says:

    a good post!

    i believe tht.. in every friend there s smewhere a true friend!

  6. rachna Says:

    hey great post angel. i Like all ur posts! waiting for this special section to grow! and great work vinni, its good to part with some of the glory at times! :P

  7. Angel Says:

    Hi Folks,

    Thanks a lot for liking my posts…. It serves as a big motivation!!!

  8. Angel Says:


    Thanks a ton :)

  9. meghana Says:

    angel …freaky !

  10. sam Says:

    dis is so true for everyone isn’t it??

  11. mann Says:

    i wanna join all this yaar it helped me a lot..really send me an invitation

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