A to Z of India

The Gateway Of India

A for Aamchi Mumbai. A city that never sleeps. A city that has grown from Bombay to Mumbai, the financial capital of india not only is the fastest but also the city of dreams. The land of Bollywood (Indian cinema). Aamchi Mumbai translates to ‘Our Mumbai’,

B for Butter Chicken. Chicken made in the most sinful gravy and dollops and dollops of butter. This is the staple food in north india and perhaps my favorite. You can google this to know more.

C for Cricket. The game, gifted to us by the English. We thanked them by giving it to them with a Tendulkar.

D for Democracy. The largest in the world. And inspite of all the fall backs, we have continued to grow as a strong nation.

E for Elephant. Its huge, its bulky and its powerful. It might be slow, but the slow one wins the race in the long run. Thats what Indians are about.

F for Freedom. Indians have the freedom which no other person enjoys anywhere in the world. Right to freedom, equality and speech are part and parcel of every Indian.

G for Ganges. The Ganges, is the river of India, which has held India’s heart captive and drawn uncounted millions to her banks since the dawn of history. The story of the Ganges, from her source to the sea, from old times to new, is the story of India’s civilization and culture, of the rise and fall of empires, of great and proud cities, of adventures of man… (from Discovery of India, Nehru)

H for Hinglish. Thats the way Indians speak english. ‘You want me to be doing a further discourse on the same subject? If yes, please enter my shop from the backside only’

I for Independence Day. The day, 15th August 1947 is one we cherish and is close to our hearts. Even now, I look at the speech by the Prime Minister at the Red Fort on this day and marvel at the parades. Its the day we pushed away the foreign forces and proclaimed our true identity. That of an Indian.

J for ‘Jashn’. Translates to celebration. Indians celebrate all occasions, small or big. At times we don’t even need a reason. Just happens. A few people, some beer and chicken and we are ready to go!


K for Kama Sutra. The way its done. Period.


L for Lungi. The traditional attire of Indian men. Its basically a piece of cloth you tie around your waist and pray it does not fall!


M for movies. Bollywood, Tollywood and all the woods. The most number of movies any country makes.

N for Nose Digging. Well, we have this thing for nose digging. We do it all the time, anywhere! We just need something to wipe it off, and if that is not available, watch out when someone just bumps into you. He might have just passed on the snot!

O for Optimists. Indians have been perpetual optimists. With a spirit of a billion people, who can ever keep it in check? It takes a lot to keep us quirks in check. And come what may, we always hope for the best, even when we vote the crook into power!

P for Politicians. From sporting the Nehru cap to the dashing Raymond suit, they have come a long way. And with the scene hotting up with more youngsters, the political arena is set for a major change. Often accused of being power hungry and corrupt, the good ones have managed to keep India going.

Q for Quintessential. :D We wish to be!

R for Religion. The soul of every Indian. There are more religions and sects than any other country in the world. India is secure in true meaning. Unfortunate events, are never triggered by the people but only vested interests.

S for Sanskriti. Sanskriti translates to culture. The Indian culture is ancient and has stood the test of time. Assimilating various cultures as they come. It is also derived from ‘Sanskrit’ an Indian language.


T for Twenty20 WorldCup Win. A moment we will all cherish, when India won the first ever shortest version of the game. Was one of the most deserved wins ever!

U for Utopia. An ideally perfect place, especially in its social, political, and moral aspects. In other words, an impossible place. But we are getting there!

V for Victory against Pakistan in 1971. I have nothing against them, just that we kicked some sorry ass!

W for ‘Want to make friendship?’. The call of the despos! Have many of those have you got till now? Only seen in India!

X for XXL. The size of the average Indian Male or Female after the age of 50. The size applies everywhere, and you know what I mean!

Y for Yeda. A word with origins in Mumbai. It is very close to calling someone a dork, buttface or an asshole.

Z for Ziddi. Ziddi means persuasive, bratty and one who would always want things his/her way. That’s just a small bit of who we are!

There are of course a lot that I would have missed out on, You are free to add them here!

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18 Responses

  1. Archana Says:

    was like really unexpected.

    As usual good post :D

    For a change you should come up with crappy work now :P

  2. Archana Says:

    but i found the post as Vinni would look at india not all of us look at it..

    guess bcoz of what.. B for butter chicken :P

  3. jumpa Says:

    B for Butter Chicken or B for Beer ? Lungi is the best :).

  4. Friends with Rajan Says:

    sahee bola bidu!!!!!

  5. Vinni Says:

    i thought of adding beer but we get it everywhere. perhaps Bhaang would have been more like it!

  6. meghana Says:

    lol,hilarious post ! hey hinglish is more like “arree yaar,try banarasi paan” add hindi words too :)

  7. Tito Says:

    And perhaps,

    I- Imported Goods. From chocolates to gadgets. We all love them.

    O- Orkut, for an average Indian youth, who accounts for 35% of the population.

    B- Well, you have mentioned the undisputed King. BUTTER CHICKEN.

    S- You are again right, however, I was startled. I actually wast expecting this from a Rockstar. :D :P

    It has some similarity with “K” too. ;)

    X- You have seen me recently. I am so close to the size. :(

    Z- Zestful. For the educated youths. Entrepreneurs and Leaders. :)

  8. Secret Simon Says:

    And the other great thing about India is that you now own most of the British car industry. There’s revenge for the Raj…

    Thanks for this anyway. I understand more now, like what a Lungi is. The trouble is: I now need to know what a Bhaang is. Is it really true about the nose digging? Yuck. We don’t do that here of course. We call it picking instead. Butter chicken sounds yummy - but does it also have to do with your entry for X, I wonder?

    One controversial note: you say: “Indians have the freedom which no other person enjoys anywhere in the world. Right to freedom, equality and speech are part and parcel of every Indian.” My first reaction was: but we have all that here in Britain. But if I really think about it: we have freedom and free speech and we have equality *under the law* which is important, but we don’t really have *true* equality. Below the surface, class, gender, and racial inequalities still exist. But is there true equality anywhere in the world, I wonder, and is India really any different? Has the caste system entirely disappeared?

  9. vinni Says:

    hi simon, i like the thoughts u penned here.
    1. bhaang is a local intoxicant made from poppy seeds. its cheap and very potent
    2. the reason why i mention freedom is that the india is one of the few countries which documents this as part of the constitution. from what i understand, UK does not have a written constitution but a set of laws. freedom is guaranteed to every indian, and on jurisdiction it can be fought based on prevailing laws. thats how it makes it different in india.

  10. shaifali Says:

    lungi and
    nose digging are my favs
    nice post :)

  11. Jay Says:

    Very nice post. T could also have been Tea. A national obsession.

  12. Vinni Says:

    @archana, u did not notice, this post is filed under nonsense!

  13. Secret Simon Says:

    Thanks for clarifying Vinni. You are quite right - UK does not have a written constitution. I seem to remember that the ruling Labour Party promised us a ‘bill of rights’ when they got elected eleven years ago but they seem to have forgotten about it. Too busy invading other people’s countries…

  14. Vaishnavi Says:

    P-privacy:non existent in our lives
    Z-Zabardasti :period

  15. Vaishnavi Says:

    and the veshti folding fotoo under kamsutra is quite appropriate i must say..:)

  16. Vinni Says:

    the lungi is my favorite too! brings out the real indian in all of us !

  17. meghana Says:

    u missed out panipuri /golguppa :(

  18. sam Says:

    lol… u had me in splits.. btw u really did have a lot of patience to have jotted down that list!!

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