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Say Hello to ‘Lovestruck’! One of my best pals and someone whom I have known for the past 8 years. Yes, we lost touch for some 5 years in between. And we have had our rough times, but more memorable times. A wonderful friend and beautiful woman, she is someone I would really cherish for a very long time! This is something she wrote after her 3rd wedding anniversary.

Love knows no boundaries, no limits
Its funny sometimes how it manifests

One moment, you wonder how you managed without him so far
The next, you cant believe you chose him, what a fool you are!

But when at night you cuddle, the life feels complete
You chuckle, you know you will Love him even if you are at war

And for the record, this is the first poem that has gone up on Life in 360. 3 years of blogging and the first poem! What a dud I am you’d think! So it is! But it is never too late. What say? All thanks to ‘Lovestruck’.

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  1. Archana Says:

    The sooner we learn this.. the better.

    Hats off to the successful lady :D

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