Mar 31

There are so many things we watch, do and talk about every day. Be it shopping, eating, driving or just lying down. We feel free and are well equipped to put a point across. But have we ever thought of the objects we use or see everyday? I mean I am sure if they could speak, they could have spoken a hell LOT!!

Let’s take a heap of Lady’s finger or bhindi as we commonly know. We always pick the ones on the top of the heap. Isn’t it unfair to the ones that have been unfortunately placed at the bottom? I mean they are as fresh as the ones on the top, but we are not keen enough to dig deep, we happily pick up the ones on the top. I really feel sorry for the left out ones. And the irony is that by the time the top layer of the heap has been picked and the ones in the bottom are exposed, either they are rotten or another layer of bhindi is poured on top of them. Something like standing in the queue for the ticket of a movie and just as you are about to reach the window, the counter closes with a board oscillating with the “SOLD OUT” sign.

The never ending visits of my not-so-near ones and dear ones made me think about my old bed. It has been bearing the load of all my well fed relatives. It used to complain once in a while by making a squealing noise but sill did a good job. My niece jumped on it, my 101 kg neighbor sat on it, the latest edition to my aunt’s family peed on it and the bed still stands or should I say lies strong.

My old eraser (don’t know how I still have it) has blackened edges now. But still is lying in my pencil box seems to glow with confidence of being used one day. My kid brother does use it at times. I am sure that it must be a real morale booster for the eraser.

I often picture these remix songs walking in fultoo attitude, wearing blinks, long jackets and the aura of glamour around them. They must be feeling so in. Even though they stay only for few weeks, yet they have a solid (positive/negative) impact on us.

They are like wannabe teenagers. They grow on us soon and then we tend to ignore them as we are annoyed by their continuous existence!!

Do send your thoughts about the things you wish could speak . Run your imagination and tell me what they could have possibly said.

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Mar 28



We all have a set of friends and “friends”. Initially it’s a challenge to tell apart “friends” from friends. However, if we let life decide for us, it actually turns out to be a painful process. Something like going through a rough patch. A nerve wrecking experience at times!!! Feeling anguished, cheated and hmmmm … made u very sad. I am sure you have made a mental catalog of your “friends”. Some might have used you, broken your trust, and stolen your better halves and all those universal acts that are actually a NO NO in friendship. Justifications, apologies trying to make up, sometimes all these acts fail to mend your battered hearts. So, the easiest way out is to try to forget these one time friends. Hence, the pain is gone. Forever!!

Alternatively, you struggle to analyze what went wrong; you decide to sketch a revenge plan. How about “TIT FOR TAT”? Old, but effective. The evil inside you is live and kicking and churning the gray cells to choose the next step.

  • Give them a cold shoulder
  • Stop sharing secrets
  • Plot to steal back
  • Decide to just use them now on
  • No more updating each other with the latest sale in the town.
  • You have all the information about the new chick in the tuition but well no more passing on.
  • Just stop talking


Slowly these friends are put in quotes!!
As you decide your course of treatment, you also start with the Dos and Don’ts for the future. Good times are forgotten and your quest for a new herd begins. May be this time you will find a better pal. You will make sure not to get too close with any one. Hence, reduce the risk of getting hurt. Every one will be equally distant/close to you. You become cautious and try and develop new interests. Open a gateway for people with a new school of thought.

Of course we just happen to make pals. This is just a set of thoughts that run in the subconscious. Most of us are socially active and so don’t have time to think, plan and make pals. But what if we had? You think we could crack a good deal by caution? Some perfectionists might secretly agree. If they are reading this, I wont be surprised if they device some law or formula of how to choose a friends and avoid “friends”.

Friends incidents/circumstances——->”Friends”

There is a friend and “friend” in each of us like the world-renowned yin yang, black and white etc. May be friendship suffers with M. P.D. Anyhow, I just pray that all you people are blessed with FRIENDS as long as you live.


P.S: A note of thanks to:
Vinni for giving my article a refuge.
All my friends for being there for me.
All my “friends” - I would not have gone through HELL without you.

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Mar 28

The Gateway Of India

A for Aamchi Mumbai. A city that never sleeps. A city that has grown from Bombay to Mumbai, the financial capital of india not only is the fastest but also the city of dreams. The land of Bollywood (Indian cinema). Aamchi Mumbai translates to ‘Our Mumbai’,

B for Butter Chicken. Chicken made in the most sinful gravy and dollops and dollops of butter. This is the staple food in north india and perhaps my favorite. You can google this to know more.

C for Cricket. The game, gifted to us by the English. We thanked them by giving it to them with a Tendulkar.

D for Democracy. The largest in the world. And inspite of all the fall backs, we have continued to grow as a strong nation.

E for Elephant. Its huge, its bulky and its powerful. It might be slow, but the slow one wins the race in the long run. Thats what Indians are about.

F for Freedom. Indians have the freedom which no other person enjoys anywhere in the world. Right to freedom, equality and speech are part and parcel of every Indian.

G for Ganges. The Ganges, is the river of India, which has held India’s heart captive and drawn uncounted millions to her banks since the dawn of history. The story of the Ganges, from her source to the sea, from old times to new, is the story of India’s civilization and culture, of the rise and fall of empires, of great and proud cities, of adventures of man… (from Discovery of India, Nehru)

H for Hinglish. Thats the way Indians speak english. ‘You want me to be doing a further discourse on the same subject? If yes, please enter my shop from the backside only’

I for Independence Day. The day, 15th August 1947 is one we cherish and is close to our hearts. Even now, I look at the speech by the Prime Minister at the Red Fort on this day and marvel at the parades. Its the day we pushed away the foreign forces and proclaimed our true identity. That of an Indian.

J for ‘Jashn’. Translates to celebration. Indians celebrate all occasions, small or big. At times we don’t even need a reason. Just happens. A few people, some beer and chicken and we are ready to go!


K for Kama Sutra. The way its done. Period.


L for Lungi. The traditional attire of Indian men. Its basically a piece of cloth you tie around your waist and pray it does not fall!


M for movies. Bollywood, Tollywood and all the woods. The most number of movies any country makes.

N for Nose Digging. Well, we have this thing for nose digging. We do it all the time, anywhere! We just need something to wipe it off, and if that is not available, watch out when someone just bumps into you. He might have just passed on the snot!

O for Optimists. Indians have been perpetual optimists. With a spirit of a billion people, who can ever keep it in check? It takes a lot to keep us quirks in check. And come what may, we always hope for the best, even when we vote the crook into power!

P for Politicians. From sporting the Nehru cap to the dashing Raymond suit, they have come a long way. And with the scene hotting up with more youngsters, the political arena is set for a major change. Often accused of being power hungry and corrupt, the good ones have managed to keep India going.

Q for Quintessential. :D We wish to be!

R for Religion. The soul of every Indian. There are more religions and sects than any other country in the world. India is secure in true meaning. Unfortunate events, are never triggered by the people but only vested interests.

S for Sanskriti. Sanskriti translates to culture. The Indian culture is ancient and has stood the test of time. Assimilating various cultures as they come. It is also derived from ‘Sanskrit’ an Indian language.


T for Twenty20 WorldCup Win. A moment we will all cherish, when India won the first ever shortest version of the game. Was one of the most deserved wins ever!

U for Utopia. An ideally perfect place, especially in its social, political, and moral aspects. In other words, an impossible place. But we are getting there!

V for Victory against Pakistan in 1971. I have nothing against them, just that we kicked some sorry ass!

W for ‘Want to make friendship?’. The call of the despos! Have many of those have you got till now? Only seen in India!

X for XXL. The size of the average Indian Male or Female after the age of 50. The size applies everywhere, and you know what I mean!

Y for Yeda. A word with origins in Mumbai. It is very close to calling someone a dork, buttface or an asshole.

Z for Ziddi. Ziddi means persuasive, bratty and one who would always want things his/her way. That’s just a small bit of who we are!

There are of course a lot that I would have missed out on, You are free to add them here!

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Mar 23


The college days have been good, and not matter what we thought while we were at it, they were the simplest days of our lives. No really. When I think about the assignments we got, the tests we wrote, all of it - very simple. Don’t know why we cribbed so much about them. When I think about the kind of work, those buggers are going to make us do, I am really embracing myself for the worst. Its not going to be simple. Will just have to stick it out.

I also found some great people here, and a handful pain in the ass as well. And I have made my share of good friends here. There is one thing I truly believe in - There are three kinds of people you come across in life. Let me break it down here.

  • The Gems. Your very close friends, sweetheart(s) and people who have been good to you. They genuinely care about you and vice versa. These are people you never let go off. And you should not. They have been through the thick and thin with you, and have always been around. They are around for as long as you wish. The gems in your life.
  • The asses. People you don’t want to remember and want to forget the earliest. These people also have the knack of being there at the wrong time and the wrong place. They have created problems, they might have tried to ruin your life and they might have also got away with it. And ten years down the line, when I would have forgotten all about them, I am sure they would be ones to screw it up all over again.
  • The unforgettables. This is a unique kind. They have been very special to you, but for whatever reason, you just want to forget them and move on. You’d want to let go, but you just wont be able to let go, no matter how hard you try. And maybe you’ll come to a day, when you learn to face the facts. Thats when you do let go. Till then, no matter how hard you try, you wont be able to let go. And you just have to hang on to yourself.

And as for me, when I walk out of this place in another 20 days, I’ll be thanking all the people I have come across (the three kinds), the professors, the situations, the opportunities, the awards, the defeats and the moments of joy and sadness. But as my mind would be racing through all this, there is that baggage I’d continue to shoulder and just move on; because the way I look at it, its all about growing up and moving on. We all have our own shit to take care off. Might as well, just move on.


PS: This is yet another failed attempt at being abstract. :D

The picture on top was me trying to make it abstract, but thanks to Preeti we have a new found meaning!

The crappy colour on the right make up for the ‘asses’.
The flowers are the gems.
And the buds one on the flower are unforgettables. 

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