Feb 29

No, Its not come as yet. But there are a few things i am already planning on spending my first salary. Well, I am not earning that much, but whats the harm in dreaming about it?

Lazy Boy

Lazy Boy


I found out the price as well. Its 28,000 in India. I learn they also have an EMI option. So thats settled. I can afford it. But its only for one person. I’ll have to arrange a TV to go with this, but thats not a problem. I can do with the 14 inch color TV I have now. Next stop is the Sofa-Bed. It looks something like this:

Air Bags


I am not the kinds to fall for the TV marketing gimmicks but this one makes a lot of sense. It costs around 7999 (TV says its 5999). It doubles up for a bed and a lounger. Value for money I say. This would also be my bed. So I solve two problems with one sword. ;)


Computer Chair


The last one of the wish list. This is ultimate, as the picture already shows, for working on the computer. Presenting, the ergonomic chair! I work on the computer for the better part of the day, and I need something like this. Its dire necessity. :)

In case you guys think I will be rolling in money, its not so! If you want to help me live a comfortable life with these essential household items please support my cause and send me some money.

And if you cannot send me the money, then this post is ‘commentware‘. Comment on this post and make up for the stuff I will continue to dream about before I can finally buy it.

And Shaifali, you are hereby tagged!

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Feb 15


When was it ever mentioned that Valentine’s Day leads to immorality? Why are the fanatics so hell bent on destroying on the one day that means no harm, but actually spreads some love around? I have over the years read news reports on how; couples were besmeared with cow dung, beaten up and in some cases women manhandled. I really don’t get it. I honestly, genuinely don’t! Today,… Read Blog »

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Feb 12


I’ll always remember reading books of jungle lore by Kenneth Anderson as a kid. The vivid portrayals of the jungles of south India were a treat to read. While most of this stories and musings were about hunting tigers (mostly man eaters), there were many that dealt with panthers, rogue elephants and even bears. What always left an impression was his character sketch of all the animals he dealt with, especially the tigers. I would often identify myself with the mighty creature who would rule the forests as the predator of the… Read Blog »

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Feb 10



Vivek, a kannadiga by heart and on of my best pals. We’ve been hostel mates for four years and at the end of the term was voted Ms. Universe for his contribution to ‘womankind’. A sweet guy, with views of his own and powerful ones at that. This kiddo packs a punch! This is a counter view to my post ‘One is not enough’ published on IBNLive and cross posted on Life in 360.

I totally agree that voilence is uncalled for in this matter. I am not supporting any kind of regionalism. But there are a few facts that can not be ignored. Living in Bengaluru and being a Kannadiga, I have seen how this transition is taking place in my state too. Initially, everyone was very proud to be a citizen of the “IT Capital”. Today, the very same people feel IT is a nuisance. Why? Because, for non-IT folks, there is nothing to be proud of Bengaluru. IT has become a pain. This has given them nothing but exuberantly high cost of living, higher rents, congestion etc. A person who was earning a decent 15K per month, could send his kids to the best school in the town. Sadly, not anymore. He didnt ask for such a change! And if you visit any IT company, you will see that all the security people, caterers etc are all immigrants. So, what has IT given to the local people? Not even jobs…The jobs created have been taken away by people from other states. The frustration is inevitable. And the politicians use this situation to their advantage and create a complete scene of disharmony.

The solution to such issues is a balanced growth. Every city needs every kind of work-force. It is not fair that farmers of the state get 3-phase power only at 12 midnight to irrigate their land, because the power has to be given to IT sectors during the day time. IT folks have no moral rights to complain about a half an hour traffic jam, when the farmer who grows their food has to go into his farms at midnight to irrigate despite snakes’ and scorpions’ bite possibility. The central govt should step up and create cities like BLR, Mumbai, Hyd in each state and ensure immigrations and their ill-effects on the local people are minimal. This will reduce burden on a few select cities and bring respect to each sector, like agriculture, in these states. This will mainly help in the overall development of the country. When people are not negatively effected by large-scale immigrations, the few immigrant people of the cities will not face any discriminations. And our useless politicians will not be able to this to their advantage and create such hostile situations.

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