Jan 29

Its time to choose our final destinations to work. I say Hyderabad. Why?

  • I am bored of Bangalore
  • Its the best place for chicken biryani
  • Good mutton
  • Cheap houses
  • A place called ‘Bawarchi’

End of assignment. Now discuss.

Feeling Luckier?

Jan 29

I was eating some chicken biryani in the afternoon today. My friend told me that the population of chicken is more than of humans! I mean really??? I was checking the internet for right stats because i refused to believe it. All my hard work had actually gone waste!

These are the dismal figures guys: The population in 2003 was 24 billion (4 chickens for every human being), according to the Firefly Encyclopedia of Birds. (wikipedia)

what in the world have we been doing so far?? I have been eating chicken after chicken for so many years! and I see this kind of a statistic. It pisses me off!

We need to form a world committee on reducing the chicken population. All those in favour say ‘Cluck Cluck’.

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Jan 27

I’m just back from a 8 km run. Called the Dream Run organized by SIBM, it had over 500 participants. It should go down as one of the most successful events of the year. But thats not what this is about.

I have been jogging for a while now. But i have never jogged or run for 8 kms. Thats a bit too much let me tell you that. Over the few months I have jogged at a steady pace, taking breaks in between and walking a lot.

This was an eye opener for me. More like, I could also do it. I can! The last sprint was what physiotherapists call the second wind. It was more like the 10th wind for me. But i managed to run the last 100 m as fast as I could. I don’t know what made me do that but I did not walk past the finish line. No chance.

Never go down giving up. Never let it go. Well, darn be it. I shall fight till the end. Never thought I would be sermonizing like this. I am so HAPPY!


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Jan 23

I am pretty honest. I have no clue how it happened. I think i might have got away with stuff like this.
How Miracles work

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