Dec 31

 Meet Joey! Adopted him recently. Joey can now climb stairs and drinks milk all day! The name is not inspired by the famous FRIENDS star. I call him Joey because he is so tiny he, fits into my pocket and likes to hang his head out like a baby kangaroo!

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Dec 30


I would like to thank NIKITA for this piece. I had been bugging her for a while and she finally caved in to my pleas. I could say I love you, but my bones are in the right place right now, and I like it that way!


I got up from the bed after hearing the commotion outside my house. What a sight. I saw some hundred men gathered in the middle of the road. After a good look, I discovered that they were the Auto drivers. As I approached them, I was told that I had a task. Bewildered, I needed an explanation about the task. To my ultimate delight, I was informed that I was, supposed to push the auto walas in front of a moving vehicle one by one! I jumped with sheer delight and started to push them. It seemed that I was allowed to commit one mass murder… I felt exhilarated as I did my TASK. Suddenly I heard a voice calling my name in a rather angry manner. Sounded like my mom’s .I got a nice jolt on my shoulder and was disheartened to realize that she woke me up from my beautiful dream. ….


The cause of the dream was not baseless. The thoughts, which gave birth to this dream, have been churning in my head from quiet some time now.

My sheer hatred towards Bangalore autowalas is palpable I guess. Frankly I believe that only 1 out of 10 autowalas in Bangalore can be compared to a human being! Ok . that’s the maximum I can brag about their GOODNESS.

I stay some 2kms from my office and in recent past, it has become an impossible task for me to find an auto back and forth my office. These autowalas seem to have an imaginary boisterous aura around them. This prevents them from taking short trips, which will fetch them a min fare of 12 bucks. I feel we do a favor by paying 12 bucks for distance worth 4 bucks!

If the distance is too short, they will not take you.

If it is too far they will not take you.

At rush hour, they are not ready to go to travel.

If it is an empty road then they might not have the MOOD to travel.

The attitude in their tone when they say a NO makes you feel as if you committed a sin by asking for a ride. If you wake them up from their siesta (so what if its 11:00 a.m. in the morning) and ask for a ride, to a place which they do not feel like going… just leave the conversation and run ASAP. You really don want to hear the fancy word shower on you. I feel you are lucky if you get in an auto, which is farley new. The auto wala is new to all the gimmicks, tricks and tips. Hence it becomes less agonizing.




Few interesting observations:

According to autowalas, four people cannot sit in an auto. Else, a cop might catch them and hence they are not ready to accommodate. However, (surprisingly) if you pay them 10 bucks extra, they are ready to make adjustments. So logically, if we pay the autowala 10 bucks more, the cops will not catch them! Huh! What a crappy logic.

ImageShackThey conveniently refuse to tender exact change but will never take a penny less.. Why? Cause apparently the entire world is richer than they are. So what if they have expensive mobile phones (blame it on service providers for such low tariffs) and fancy autos.

If you come out from a mall and ask for a ride, be prepared to hear some exuberant fare. As you walk away trying to ask another auto, you get the looks…go-ask-anyone-the-fare-remains-the-same.

If you want to go some place situated at x, degree latitude and y degree longitude make sure there is no change of even a minute in the location. Otherwise apart from the fare meter, the crib meter also starts!

Some times, they simply say NO. In that case do not dare ask the reason…

Once I asked an auto fellow for a ride from Urvashi theatre to jayanagar. That fellow stopped his auto, thought for two minutes, and then said a NO… I wonder what mind boggling thoughts he had..


When one has to face such situations every day, it becomes a tedious task of even thinking about traveling in an auto. So there is no doubt that this article is direct Dil Se….


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Dec 10

Hi! You might see a lot of changes happening all the time> I am just tweaking around with the code. There is a lot of PHP here.

Like they say, CODE IS POETRY!

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Dec 7
  • I have a fake license.
  • I eat more chicken than all of town put together
  • I broke up with the prettiest woman I have ever seen
  • My pants are turning loose
  • The insurance for my bike expired
  • My wallet is always empty
  • I am not feeling tense lately.
  • I ran out of Deo.
  • I have a crush on a 42 year old called Madhuri Dixit.
  • I don’t get high even with 6 pegs
  • I am spending the last few months as a student.
  • My starting salary when i join work is approximately 83 times that of my dad and 5 times more than my brother (when both of them started work)
  • I don’t like you, but I don’t want to say bye

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