Dec 1

I remember the days when we were in college. Raag had a lot happening and it was led by the right people. we did a great job and it prospered under us. we had the bank balance ringing. there were lots of activities that were happening. the people loved us. we were the underdogs but so be it. we did a great job and we loved the people. we had made it happen.

it taught me a lot, and gave me a lot to take home. even now, when i think about it i would have only good things to take back home.

speaking to ritesh the other day, i felt sad that things had come to this. Raag would cease to exist. i don’t know how long it would go on. it mostly would not. when i go to Bangalore, i would make a trip to college to see what is happening.

things are not good. grim as they are, a love is a love.

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