Oct 15

Well it does seem strange to be so far away and yet so close. When I finished my degree and when I came all the way down here I don’t know. It happened so fast, within the the blink of an eye.

I read “snapshots from hell”. Wow! What a read! I realized then what it is to be in a B-School. Its not a big deal people make it to be. Perhaps those in the IIMs have a different thing to say. Well maybe not. The same old classes, same old dose of bad lectures and of course the dreaded assignments. I still sleep with my mouth wide open with utter disregard to the faculty in all classes. I mean it’s not my fault. It’s something I have become a pro at. RV teaches you to do that very well if not anything else.

In the social spy ware called ‘orkut’ I had the profile name as “Mediocre But Arrogant” for a very long time. Rightfully so. Come to think of it. We are just as bad as you, but we got lucky down the line somewhere and made it to one of the better B-Schools in the country. Had my dad spared the moola I would have given GMAT a shot as well. But for a quarter wit like me, I know after a complete my 2 years from this hell hole I would be let lose into this world as a “thought leader” and “change master” with 10 lakh per annum salary! That’s all that counts at the end of the day.

I am not going to give you guys gyan on how to prepare for the entrance tests, I am here to waste your precious time like every other incompetent manager would and walk away with the satisfaction that I was able to feed some management jargon that ran over your heads.

Ask a manager a question. I would be scandalized if he answers to it straightly. The ideal answer would be “it depends…..” And then give both sides of the story and leave it to the other person to judge what is better for him. It serves two purposes – firstly, he is no longer responsible for the decision you arrive at and; secondly, it saves his skin because he has no shit clue about what you just asked but he got away with it. See its that simple.

A manager’s life is but scattered with ‘paradigm shifts’. Don’t ask me, I have no clue what it means. But correct me if I am wrong, they are two most beautiful words after, of course ‘fuck you’.

My typical day begins with rituals like orkut. I guess nothing else gives you a better satisfaction. Well perhaps a hand job comes a close second. I bunk classes because I am allowed to. While my parents have the satisfaction of having sent me off to a B-School, I am whiling away my time in the Student’s Council. Oh, we do all the things they don’t teach in a B-School. Perhaps it’s the only good thing a college can have. This is what is going to make us managers one day. It’s a blood line of the college and the only reason why we are what we are. It’s a make a difference.

Soon summers started. I was wholly into it. I got short listed for all the blue chip companies. Boy! Were the group discussions eventful? I managed to clear my out of those by lying, back stabbing and a whole lot of management jargons. It works all the time. I think it’s a pre requisite.

I made it Hewlett Packard. I thank my stars, that some one did make a mistake at the right time. But of all the interviews I went for perhaps L’Oreal would go down as the biggest blunder of all time. Can you imagine calling the interviewer gay?? The rest is history. Golden rule: A manager is never wrong. It’s all about how far you are from the truth. I have stuck to it like bible.

To all those who plan to give CAT this year, I have just one thing to say. Get a life! If you think that managers are actually god’s gift to mankind, think again. It’s the other way round. Mankind is god’s gift to a manager. They are just waiting there to get looted. It’s a crime to let a foolish man not part with his money.

Engineering did teach me a lot in life. It made me street smart. Maybe that’s why I am able to survive in this shit hole. Don’t screw up your lives with all the books and the classes. They get you no where. Its all the mind and where you want to take yourself. The industry has stopped expecting anything from bookworms. They can function with books. But with the likes of me, I would probably write a book and make you pay a price for no gyan whatsoever and still be called a guru. That’s what the industry is looking for. Drop your books, go for a party, hump someone for there is no greater joy than screwing someone. Life’s a bitch. Be its pimp!

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Oct 6

Auto Signature Generator
KookieJar 6.3

Ready to do something new and wild? You bet. I remember using a software called Siggy way back about 6 years ago. After a long time i have started using an email client.

This is what Siggy did. Generate a random signature from its database of 1000 taglines. for every new message you created in outlook or netscape or even eudora it attached the newly generated signature. Simple!

I was looking for it, recently. Unfortunately its no longer in the cyberspace. I got another such tool - KookieJar. And it rocks. It comes with a small database of 39 taglines. You can add more to it, using simple formatting.

i had downloaded tonnes of signatures from the web, and i have plugged it into KookieJar.

I would recommend this to anyone serious about email.

Feel free to email me about usage info, and other tweaks you can do with this tool. i would be glad to help.

Easy of use: 5/10
Features: 7/10
Stability: 8/10
Memory Usage: 1.5MB (Not bad) 8/10
Overall: 7/10

Download from here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/kookiejar/

KookieJar is the new entrant in my software collection; and i think it will be there for some time now, till some other software out does it.

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Oct 2

this is something i wrote just before i Left RVCE. was in one of those senti moods. Published in CRAP! - the leisure magazine of RVCE. here goes. it still holds true now.

The wonder years

By Vineet Rajan

You know they say time flies. They couldn’t have been more correct! It’s been almost four years and we have just another month to go. Batches have come and gone, but each batch has given the college what it rightly deserves. We are too. Placements are just one of the things. But that is not what I am talking about.

We defined a culture. We upheld the RV culture. Back when I walked into this college I thought life was good. Real good. We enjoyed the ragging; we loved the treats we got from seniors. Most of all we had a reason to love and respect this college. It made us men, men in our own right.

We were no longer the pampered kids; we were out on our own. We learnt a lot of things. Most of it the hard way. Looking at our juniors I think they are missing out on all the good things in life. We will pass out of this college as men. Whether they pass out as men, well, I don’t know.

After four years, we have become immune to the new rules and regulations of this college. Hell, they have some real clean up work to do. And with the batches of students coming, I think rules should be made stricter than what they are. It might help in curbing the exponential growth of ‘new age brats’ hounding the college scene.

After four years, I often ask myself; what am I taking home? I don’t know how many would agree with me. But this degree is just an excuse to teach us the bigger things in life. You learn technical skills when you want to, while on work. Half of us won’t remember what we had done in these four years after 10 years. What we learnt are not technical skills but survival skills. But unfortunately, that’s no longer the case. With an effective ban on any kind of an interaction with the juniors the skill sets no longer go down the pyramid, it unfortunately goes only with us.

College life seems hard, but the fact is that we have a tougher life ahead. A life governed by your rules. You set them, or you break them too. Its clichéd to say “rules are meant to be broken”, but the fact of the matter is that if you do, you just break your own rules. Would you be willing to risk it? No one will call your parents to set matters right, no one will ask for an apology letter to be written for missing a lab. You write your own apologies, you stand up for your mistakes. It’s a wild world out there; and like I said, a degree is just an excuse to teach us to live in it.

It’s funny how aspirations change in four years. Back in first year we wanted the world. We thought of us as the best. We freaked out and had the best time of our lives. By second year we started getting used to the system. It grew on us; or rather we grew on it. Third year, we saw what great placements our seniors got and were enthused to beat them. (We did, but that’s not the point!). Fourth year, everyone has a job in their hands and they know what awaits them. No more dreaming, no more fantasizing. Plain simple truth, you know where you stand in the heap of 800 students. Eventually we learn to live with them. We have to, have no other choice do we?

Ten years down the line, things that we crib about would hardly make a conversation. These are just passé. We are a great batch, and we will forever remember the good times, the bad times and the fun times. I can picture it, some days down the line we would be chatting away in DL about the good times wishing that they would never end. Talking hours about how we made the best of what we got. The classes bunked, the night outs in Brigade, the road trips down Mysore Road, the ‘acoustics’ in class…we had our share of both good and bad.

Sitting around lazing in our rooms we dream about what might be in store for us in the future. But having been in college for four years, we know it’s just a futile attempt. We can’t change who are. College either makes you breaks you. We just walk into the vast empyrean hoping for the best.

There is so much here. And we do take a good share of it. We take our friends and all the good times we shared with us. We only hope that one day we all might get together over a beer and catch up and relive those memories and rekindle the spirit of the Wonder Years!

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Oct 2

Tab Mix Plus

Tab Mix Plus enhances Firefox’s tab browsing capabilities. It includes such features as duplicating tabs, controlling tab focus, tab clicking options, undo closed tabs and windows, plus much more. It also includes a full-featured session manager with crash recovery that can save and restore combinations of opened tabs and windows.

Well just flicked it off from the net. its too. Just what i needed for my Browser. Its Tab tweaks on steroids.

Rating: 8/10
Stability: 8/10 (crashed once)
Features: 10/10
Ease of use: 5/10
Over all: 7/10


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