Jul 29

Well its a nice idea to write on orkut, and it has changed the way we human beings interact, but I think that there is more to orkutting which we often tend to neglect in the awe of the sheer magnanimity of the number of people u can meet…But there are a lot of things which you haven’t really considered on part of orkut.

1- It has really come up as an addiction and has been cramming a lot of time (Specially the students’ who are the most active population there) which could have been used for other constructive purposes2- It has make us form pre-concieved opinions on people based on their profiles, How many times it happens that u tend to judge a person by number of friends, number of scraps and number of fans (s)he has.

3- The mechanism of Orkut which allows u to download photographs of people without there permission is also been a nuisance, where people have downloaded photograps and morphed it and posted back on net

4- Then there are lot of people running fake profiles, just to play pranks…

5- You also get a lot of friends request from people, whom u would not like to be seen with and associated with, and u don’t want to offend them with refusing your friends request.

I am also a big fan of orkut and a frequent orkutter and I reply almost every scrap but still I feel that there are some constraint that come along with the fast, easy and convinient interface as orkut are applicable in this case also…

Author: Prateek Gupta

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Jul 29

life’s changed a lot after orkut. i dont think anyone would ever disagree with me on that. But have you realised how it has also changed the way we use the internet.

I remember when the internet had just started in India. I was hooked to Yahoo! CHAT. Yes, that cumbersome JAVA applet that took ages to load and then not a single female would reply to your “Hi!”, “Whats Up”.

One of the serious problems was that yahoo never let you maintain ur online profile the way orkut lets you do now. (Yahoo 360 is a step in this direction). People could actually see for themselves if you are worth talking to in the 1st place. Bluff ur way and you could have a blast.

Some of my friends have friends for Brazil to China. Its amazing how in one go google could come up with something so profound that it changes the way you even make friends. in true the online friend circles are the “KillerApps”.

Orkut also signifies the start of the what we could consider a net democacy or ‘netocracy’. People are free to decide what they want, whom they want to be friends with and so on. the whole of orkut is maintained by the users. The communities, the profiles. you could even decide if a particular community is bogus and send it out of circulation.

Ya sure, you would have read quite a bit of shit on orkut already. But its really increased my social circle. its much more comfortable to flirt with someone by scrapping than meeting face to face. i am sure you would have done that too! (girls included!)

Now i wont waste ur time with the pluses and minuses of orkut. you would know much better than me. Ok gotta get back to orkut…. Cya

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Jul 11

Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect, Bill Gates, launches the next generation of integrated computing platform - Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005, and BizTalk Server 2006 in India on December 9, 2005. Joining in the celebration is the Indian Rock band – Parikrama with a rock song just for our Indian developers.

Called `Superhero’ the song is about the life of a programmer. Download now, and Get Ready to Rock!

Click here to download the song.


Springs up from the bed with a crossword in his head,
A shiver shakes his spine thinking what the boss said,
Feeling like a mouse in the tiger’s den (ah right)
Missed the bus again, runs all the way to work,
Prays to all his Gods, even Captain Kirk,
Hoping he can make it in time for the bumpy ride.

Opens all the windows, as he shuts the door,
As the magic begins to flow, out to the fore

He’s no less than a super herocan’t make him fallOnes and zeroes,
threes and foursBut not that bad a guy after all

Afternoon comes when everyone eats,
Staring down at lines on his L.C.D screen,
Cracking up the code, faster than the speed of light.

Evening bells ringing, had to meet his date,
Digits on his hand will have to make her wait,
Smiles at his phone, then tosses it aside.

Opens all the windows,
as he shuts the door,
As the magic begins to flow,
out to the fore

He’s no less than a super hero
Can’t make him fallOnes and zeroes,
threes and fours
But not that bad a guy after all.

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