Apr 19

Oh well, people are now accepting the fact that college folks can make games! thats a relief. Well just today a couple of guys were playing our game and they loved it. it was nice to see some fierce competetion among them. Well, if you come to think of it, our game actually works.

works pretty well actually. now all is upto the other guys to come up with a good report. our game looks pretty good. actually thats what i am afraid off.

First thing in the external: “From where have you copied?”. i am mean, cant people make their own projects? This is the limits. anyway, we are just concentrating on doing a good jon. the rest is upto HIM!


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Apr 13

Well my project is chugging along well. Making a game is not easy please take my word for it. It could be the toughest thing you could make for an 8th semester project.

But you what i hate most. when you put all the blood and toil in making it and people have the nerve to say its copied. i mean duh!

Just because you can’t make something does not mean that others can’t. its crazy! The other day the HOD walks in to the LAB. Sees the progress. well he had one thing to ask. “From where you have copied?”. The same English.

Man, its frustrating. I put up the alpha release of the game on LAN yesterday. we are getting a good response. Unlike some of the counter parts of this kind of a business game. Ours is purely based on strategy. No luck involved.

I was playing the game today morning minus some of the ‘eye candy’. well it really is good. Playing shrewdly one can win the game with minimum city developments.

If you want to know more about this game, mail me. i will send across the alpha release so you can help me test it.

OpenSource Rocks!

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