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Phir Mile Sur

Another Republic Day comes and goes; and I am still trying to find a meaning on being an Indian. A lot has been talked about our culture, our diversity but I ask myself today do I really care. Does it matter to me when as I blog right now, a lady is being stalked and hunted down by a pack of wolves, a house is getting robbed, another politician has lied his way to the assembly and thousands are starving to death somewhere in Orissa.

I read news clipping on the new version of “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara”; and see us doing the same old things again and again. While we have made half-hearted attempts at spreading the message of patriotism; we tend to forget the ideals laid down by the founding father of the constitution.

In the pages of history perhaps Baba Ambedkar should be held on the highest pedestal, but has been forgotten and sent to the pages where he is only known as a champion of the oppressed classes. Amazingly sidelined by Nehru, this genius only wins votes for the likes Behanji now.

So while we claim to be a “Sovereign Socialist Democracy”; I leave you with this thought.

A good deed a day makes the song meaningful. What good did you do today?

As for the song, Phir Mile Sur, in many ways represents what the youth today represent. Partying hard when they want to but going home at the end of the day to touch mom’s feet. That works for me.

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Life plays as a mystery
I thought I knew it all
The ride was going to be smooth
It fooled me again, that’s all

Memories of a distant place,
Tender love in my heart
I dream of tomorrow,
But I am scared of another fall

Beginning of a new day,
Made stronger by the failure
I will try again
Only to fly even higher

Written by Preeti Sharma, and proudly published on Life in 360

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I am the blog

The Video featured in the Pune Blogger Meet on 15th March. The video is not about me or my blog. Its simply put, about the blogger in all of us and how our blogs tend to be more like us or perhaps even the other way around.

I would be talking about the meet however in another post. :)

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