Royal Enfield Advertisements Over the Years

After crawling the internet for close to an hour, here is all I could find. All these are Indian advertisements. If you find something I have missed do share the link in the comments section.

The Law of Publicity and Social Media

“Strong brands are built with publicity and not advertising”. So what does that have to do with social media, and how does the Law of Publicity fit into the scheme of things? Read on.

Paid Journalism, What’s the Big Deal?

So What’s all the hype about paid journalism? Should we even worry about it so much? Are we missing out on the larger picture? Read on.

Social Media in Three Hours

These are the slide decks from the workshop I took in Symbiosis Institute of Business Management on social media. The classes were spread over three weeks with 2 hours each week. So it was totally 6 hours, which included 3 Hours of facilitation and 3 hours of case studies. Would appreciate feedback to improve the quality of teaching and content.

State of the Blogosphere 2009

A snapshot of the blogosphere as aggregated by technorati.

Needs of a Social Media Junkie

With a rut of social media companies mushrooming just about every corner of the world, its important to spend some time understanding the companies surroundings and the customer. In this post, we try to look at the needs of a social media customer.


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