Coolest Rickshaw Ride Ever

A good auto ride, a good driver and a kickass auto.

Royal Enfield Advertisements Over the Years

After crawling the internet for close to an hour, here is all I could find. All these are Indian advertisements. If you find something I have missed do share the link in the comments section.

Human Billboards

Human Billboards, the next cheapest thing after water.

Starting Project JV102

I had to tell somebody, So I am telling my blog. Read the whole thing on http://vinni.co.in

Vote and Make a Difference

Vote for the Give India Charity on Chase Giving. Make a difference, to ensure over 40,000 children get education for at least a year.

Butter chicken for dummies

Sweet and simple. I made two kgs of this; so take ingredients proportionally. Ever since I moved out of Delhi and Chandigarh, I never got to eat the actual butter chicken. The dorky chefs in even the best restaurants make it like spicy and the gravy looks like a pale orange. I mean, it’s gotta [...]

Chicken Malai Masala

Ok, so this was basically a mix and match of three recipes I found on the net. I made this recently for some 7 people during a house party. Making two kgs of chicken, was a whole lot of fun! My first recipe on the blog, do try it and let me know how it [...]

11 Simple rules of the house

Rule 1: There is a designated smoking area. Rule 2: The floor is wet at times.The red cone shows where it is. Rule 3: We have business tie ups. Rule 4: Listen to the bartender   Rule 5: Service policy Rule 6: Please don’t pollute the air. Rule 7: You can only pose here for [...]

Mad Miranda

Yes! The name is inspired from ‘The Devil wears Prada’. I don’t think much of the book or the movie, but when I saw Miranda on screen, I thought, “There she is!!!” – ‘She’ runs the firm that I work for; also tries to run my life whenever possible. Everyone will have at least one [...]

The 4 Cs of Consulting – Part I

It may not be the McKinsey way of consulting, but it’s definitely worked for me. Here goes…the first C! CYA (Cover Your A**): This is in fact a universal principle to be followed by any human being working for any other human being, since the nature of the beast is to find someone to blame, [...]


So me and Softie sat in the balcony of my sea facing house. We met after a long time and had a lot to catch up. I guess that is the most obvious thing women do when they meet . After talking about our tiny tots, the last gift given by our hubbies, how good [...]


These are one hundred percent original. Feel free to forward this to your friends. Alcohol: “Damn! I am so thirsty, and there is no water. Let me just drink the old sugarcane juice lying around somewhere”. Milk: “This weird thing under the cow’s belly let me try pulling at it, just for fun. Just to [...]

My Study

This is the home of my plans and crimes I work on, like this post. Clicked using my good old digicam dad had bought in 1999. Canon PowerShot A10. It has 8 MB of memory which I am unable to upgrade anymore since its obsolete. It comes with a 1.3 Megapixel capability with 6X digital [...]

April Fool Day: The Google Way

Google can be fun! Never lose the opportunity. The links for the hoaxes are mentioned. Feel free to view them. But a gentle advice, don’t fall for them again! In 2000: Google MentalPlex The Google mentalPlex Google announced a new “MentalPlex” search technology that supposedly read the user’s mind to determine what the user wanted [...]


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