He loves me, he loves me not..

29 July 2008. I remember it like it was yesterday. What was that? Oh sorry! Wrong date! I meant 9th May 1996 of course. The first time I saw him. You see, it was only the previous evening that we had picked up the glasses my optometrist had prescribed for me. We were classmates, good [...]

The Way It Is

I am always asked this question. Why do you drink and smoke so much? The fact is, I don’t know. I drink by the gallons to stay totally sober and I smoke more than I can count. It’s not a good thing in life, and I don’t even try to justify it. I don’t even [...]

The Open Door

Sometimes I think its pushing things too far. Heard about this thing called the open door? Its one thing I really like here in HP. There are no doors, none except other than the main entrance door where we flash our dog collars. What else do you call them? Life’s an open book here; you [...]

Fish, Chips and Coffee

Vanilla and chocolate sauce is the most favorite combination amongst masses. They taste the best when one is frozen and other is hot. They complement each other just right. One is the perfect flavor of simplicity and the other, is devoured, passion, and the perfect sin!! Opposites and ironies are the food for thought. They [...]


Life plays as a mystery I thought I knew it all The ride was going to be smooth It fooled me again, that’s all Memories of a distant place, Tender love in my heart I dream of tomorrow, But I am scared of another fall Beginning of a new day, Made stronger by the failure [...]

Life of a Salesman

When I say, SALESMAN; what comes to your mind first? These are what you would imagine him as. Right?   A pesky door to door salesman (selling soap?) A smart boy in a tie and suit (again at your door, the Eureka Forbes kinds?) The boys outside banks, trying to sell credit cards Tele marketers (“I [...]

Angel Strikes Back!

This might seem an act of revenge coming from a 23 year old that has some authority on this subject matter and hence I will go ahead with it. These are personal observations along with some universal facts. Please do not think I am feminist, I am just trying to kick a&* of an MCP! [...]

The Kid in Us

I haven’t shaved for a month now and have a thick beard. It’s not the sexiest of sights; I don’t want to shave it either. It keeps reminding me of what I have grown up into. Notice the choice of words. I was browsing through some of the old family snaps, and I can’t believe, [...]

Into the Wild

Some movies change you. Into the Wild, is one of them. It’s not yet changed me, but it’s got me thinking a lot. The movie is about Chris McCandless who grew up in Annandale, Virginia, and died at age 24 in a wilderness area of the state of Alaska. After graduating in 1990 from Emory [...]

Courage Under Fire

Before I begin writing anything, I would like to put a small disclaimer here. Please don’t expect a direction, a moral, a conclusion or a happy ending in this article. I wrote many paragraphs individually and put them together under one heading - something that just sounded cool and with nothing more to it. I [...]

The Dead Ones’ Perspective

There are so many things we watch, do and talk about every day. Be it shopping, eating, driving or just lying down. We feel free and are well equipped to put a point across. But have we ever thought of the objects we use or see everyday? I mean I am sure if they could [...]

Growing up and moving on

The college days have been good, and not matter what we thought while we were at it, they were the simplest days of our lives. No really. When I think about the assignments we got, the tests we wrote, all of it - very simple. Don’t know why we cribbed so much about them. When [...]

Featured: The Rice Bowl

  I was astonished to see how she scrapped the last few morsels of rice from the bowl. I wondered why she was so particular about cleaning the bowl in that way. I looked down at the heap of rice that had been scrapped from different bowls in the same manner. Some of us have [...]

The Other Side

We have been called a lot of names of late. There is an old school of thought we are so full off; the other person is always WRONG! Its hard at times to even see from the other perspective. Shit happens at times but one has to really look into what could have been the [...]

First Salary Wishlist

No, Its not come as yet. But there are a few things i am already planning on spending my first salary. Well, I am not earning that much, but whats the harm in dreaming about it? Lazy Boy   I found out the price as well. Its 28,000 in India. I learn they also have [...]

A few roses…with love

When was it ever mentioned that Valentine’s Day leads to immorality? Why are the fanatics so hell bent on destroying on the one day that means no harm, but actually spreads some love around? I have over the years read news reports on how; couples were besmeared with cow dung, beaten up and in some [...]

Tiger, tiger, Burning Bright…

I’ll always remember reading books of jungle lore by Kenneth Anderson as a kid. The vivid portrayals of the jungles of south India were a treat to read. While most of this stories and musings were about hunting tigers (mostly man eaters), there were many that dealt with panthers, rogue elephants and even bears. What [...]

One is not enough: Counter View

  Vivek, a kannadiga by heart and on of my best pals. We’ve been hostel mates for four years and at the end of the term was voted Ms. Universe for his contribution to ‘womankind’. A sweet guy, with views of his own and powerful ones at that. This kiddo packs a punch! This is [...]

Funny Love

Say Hello to ‘Lovestruck’! One of my best pals and someone whom I have known for the past 8 years. Yes, we lost touch for some 5 years in between. And we have had our rough times, but more memorable times. A wonderful friend and beautiful woman, she is someone I would really cherish for [...]

Unethical business (non)sense!

Dr. Amit Kumar/Dr. Horror. The name runs a chill down your spine. I recently saw the movie Turistas and how a doctor not only dissected the body alive but took all body parts that could be of any use including the skin for transplants. Gross, you will say. But we can’t discount the fact that [...]

Letting go

There comes a time in everyone’s life when one needs to let go of things and leave them to fate. Whatever happens is not of your concern anymore. But there are somethings that are so hard to let go, its not funny. All the years of toil and effort you put in, you don’t know [...]


 Meet Joey! Adopted him recently. Joey can now climb stairs and drinks milk all day! The name is not inspired by the famous FRIENDS star. I call him Joey because he is so tiny he, fits into my pocket and likes to hang his head out like a baby kangaroo!

Auto Plight

I would like to thank NIKITA for this piece. I had been bugging her for a while and she finally caved in to my pleas. I could say I love you, but my bones are in the right place right now, and I like it that way!   I got up from the bed after [...]

For Maadarc**d

Four years of engineering life, and the same four years in hostel. The best of my life, undoubtedly. I have seen friends come and go. But there was one who never left me, in spite of me! The old lovable hostel mutt. I have known him since the 1st semester. I used to call him [...]

A Tribute to Salesmen

Salesmen are a big problem to their bosses, customers and wives, to credit managers, hotels, and sometimes to each other. Individually and collectively they are cursed and discussed in sales meetings, conventions, behind closed doors, in bar rooms and under one’s breath from many angles, and with much fervor. They make more noise and more [...]

The Last Day

Sequel to ‘Bit of Everything‘ There was a simple tradition I followed. My PC was always the last to be packed. Unfailingly. It used to be crooning the rock melodies till I had done the last of my packing. It was case on the last day as well. I remember listening to “Lost for Words”, [...]

Bit of everything

Its been more than a year since I came to Pune. Have been speaking to so many seniors from SIBM. They all have just one thing to say, ‘Gosh! We really miss the place’. I can’t stop wondering, what they are going through after passing out, I am going through now. No, I am not [...]

Oh! The in betweens!

This is something Simon, commented on to me previous post. I felt it deserve a post for its length (sorry, Simon! you do go on for long!) and relevance (that’s why its here) Everything does have its phases. I used to think I would eventually reach a kind of plateau in life where everything would [...]

Not sleepy

Its very late now, 3 AM. Its Sunday. I should be sleeping. But I can’t. There are too many things clouding my mind now. Its been some months since I parted ways. Everything has its phases. This is perhaps the last lap. I hope at least. The first phase was when I was trying to [...]

Walk for chicken

I was reading the blog of my cousin sister, Shilpa. Could not help but remember our good ol granny. Its been some time since she left us. Miss her a lot. Does seem strange. She was one of a kind and I don’t think I will ever forget the stories she used to tell us. [...]


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