Notes of a Wannabe ‘Professor’

After the conclusion of the social media workshop, I talk about some key learnings and how some experiments succeeded while some didn’t. Like I said in class abuses and brickbats were allowed and encouraged.

Ride Back Home

The ride back to Chennai from Kumbakonnam and a making special friend. Read the whole post on

Another Chapter

A short post on closing a chapter and beginning a new one. Read more on

Happiness Is Just Around The Corner

The last blog post from the great city of Hyderabad. About Sparta, finding happiness and what the future beholds. Read the whole post on . Over and out….

Memories in a Loyal Trunk

The Joys of packing, and the surprises it holds! Read more on

The Moon Finally Set

And I reluctantly looked at the sun; it was strangely looking beautiful now. Read the complete post on

The Tipping Points

Why should new years be about resolutions? Let’s just hope for the best this year, shall we?

The Suitcase in the Attic

The suitcase in the attic My uncle called the other day frantically, to tell me about the suitcase I had forgotten at his place in all the hurry I had left for Hyderabad last year. There are a lot of clothes, one blanket, a muffler and even a camera. For a minute I was more [...]

The Vendor in the Waiting Room

A short story on how Rohit finally left the waiting room for good.

Clenching the Fists of Dissent

This post should have come a bit early, with the writer’s block I am going through and the fact that I had still get my thoughts in place to write this one; please do excuse me. I was in Bangalore the previous week for the Social Causes Blogger Meet proposed by Roshni, whose objective was [...]

None? At all?

I owe this to y’all because of the previous post I wrote on M&B. In my un-ending quest to master the art of writing a romantic story (irony!) and also because my brain was functioning only at that level, I read this book called ‘What I did for Love’ (sounds cheesy, doesn’t it? I read [...]

India, Balochistan and beyond

Fifteen years down, who will today say that I what I did then was wrong? This nation stands tall, proud, fast-growing. – Manmohan Singh during the debate on the Indo-US nuclear deal. Back in 2004 when BJP lost power and Congress came sweeping the elections, I was too one of the staunch BJP supporters who [...]

Angel on Shopping

No.. this is not another Confession of a Shopaholic kind of read. To begin with, I do not consider my self a shopaholic. Uhh. Err wait.. Does shopping every weekend make me a shopaholic? .. Sigh!!! Gone are the days when I used to shop every weekend!! Before u think I am a rich spoilt [...]

Growing up with Kevin Arnold

Growing up is never easy. You hold on to things that were. You wonder what’s to come. But that night, I think we knew it was time to let go of what had been, and look ahead to what would be. Other days. New days. Days to come. The thing is, we didn’t have to [...]

The next step

Change is good. But what is important is what brings about the change, and why you want to change. We change for loved ones, or we could change for ourselves. When a company changes its logo, they do it for themselves; when they change the way they offer their services – they do it for [...]

Journey so far…

I couldn’t sleep that night; and was tossing and turning in my bed. I tried keeping two pillows under my head. Nothing seemed to work. I slept finally at around 1AM and woke up at 4. I picked up the book – “weekend getaways from Hyderabad” out of sheer boredom. I hit upon Nagarjuna Sagar [...]

A page from the diary of a sales guy

The picture you see below is the first search result for ‘sales guy’ on google image search. Do try it. Mondays are painful. The weekend tends to get over way too soon and Sunday nights are not relaxed. I start getting depressed about the new week ahead. I woke up today at 845. The alarm [...]

Indian Curry

While we all see the media hysteria on the racist attacks in Australia, one can’t help but wonder what could have led to this sudden outburst of hate against us. There are over 90000 Indian students in various programmes in Australia. I have quite a few friends there too.  With US and Europe turning a [...]

Decide Already

Vinni asked me to write for his blog…for those of you that don’t know what kind of writing I do, I mostly write poems and about a few other things that cross my mind. But mostly it’s poems.  The first problem with this assignment was that I don’t write regularly….i.e. sometimes I write a lot [...]

The Story Teller

We used to go to Villivakkam once in two years. That was grandpa’s home. After retiring from the postal service, he had decided to settle for good on the outskirts of Madras. The house was quaint to say the least. There was a big veranda with Malipu (Jasmine) flowers, a small well behind the house, [...]

Love … for Life

Angel has written a piece like this one after a very long time. This one is a dedication to the fantasy of most of the women (I am not the woman, I am Vinni). To be pampered, loved, surprised and be treated like a princess. The man here has no name and no face. Though [...]


The 10th board results were to be announced in a few minutes. I knew I had given it a good shot, but I could never be too sure. All through school, I had been a 60% kind of a guy. The website as usual conked, and I was trying for the last 2 hours. It [...]

Catches, Condoms and Commitment

A for apple… B for ball… C for…cat… also Commitment… Catches… Condoms… So the more I have known the human race, the more these words have intrigued me. I know I have a long way to go… but what the heck! I don’t mind sharing what I have learnt so far.  Catches - Makes [...]

Shivraj’s Wardrobe

Buttface, my flatmate was in the midst of the shootout in Leopold café. Thankfully, nothing happened to him, he just fled from the place. The attack raises a lot of questions and provides no answers. Shivraj resigned today a few hours back and took moral responsibility for the same. Modi announced a package of 0ne [...]

Beauty and the dork

Let’s be honest. I was not the most sought after guy in school. I was the average guy, with large plastic spectacles, and a hairstyle like the good boys we see in movies. Neatly combed with coconut oil, and dripping wet. For a dork like me, that I landed with the hottest chick in school [...]

Rain and a sweater

The girl’s hostel was a few miles away from our campus. So whenever we had to meet them, we had to drive all the way there, pick them up and head places. One evening, a plan just happened and I was heading for a dinner date. It was a nice quiet dinner we had over [...]

The Movie

“Yeah sure, I’ll be there in 15 minutes, just leaving home”, I said as I locked the door. It was sunny Sunday afternoon, and I was looking forward to the movie I was going to see with her. There is a lot of history between us; and not just the memorable kinds. But something did [...]

Mad Miranda

Yes! The name is inspired from ‘The Devil wears Prada’. I don’t think much of the book or the movie, but when I saw Miranda on screen, I thought, “There she is!!!” – ‘She’ runs the firm that I work for; also tries to run my life whenever possible. Everyone will have at least one [...]

The other way round

Trust me people, my life is not exciting enough to be posted on a blog and I do not want to list why, how, when etc… Anyhow, there are certain things that add adventure to my routine life. Things, that I have not seen many gals do and “conventionally” are not expected to do. No! [...]


So me and Softie sat in the balcony of my sea facing house. We met after a long time and had a lot to catch up. I guess that is the most obvious thing women do when they meet . After talking about our tiny tots, the last gift given by our hubbies, how good [...]


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