Green Ladakh

Two days of riding in the rain, across the western ghats with the Inddie Thumpers. Of the hidden potential in each one of us, the love of riding we nurture, and the wonderful people we ride with! Read the entire thing!

The Greatest Zombie Movies of All Time

Did the last zombie movie keep you awake for a night? Check out these, they might keep you awake for a month, and will help you prepare for the worst eventuality. The next post will discuss the weapons of choice!

13 Ways to Survive an MBA Program

The second helping for would be managers who failed to heed the previous post’s advice. Now learn how to survive the MBA program in 13 ways, easy enough for a monkey to follow.

The 11 Point MBA Check List

An Army of hopefuls each year, and only a handful with reason enough to do one. For those getting into the vicious circle of B-schools, fake rankings, bad professors and highly inflated salaries.

Another Random Road Trip

A road trip to nowhere ended up in the Induction Ceremony of the super duper juniors of ours. That’s not just randomness personified, but makes us proud losers of the highest order.

Coolest Rickshaw Ride Ever

A good auto ride, a good driver and a kickass auto.

Biking Down to Happiness

A ride down to Hyderabad and back on a bullet alone, about soul searching and finding those moments that keep us going. Like I said, Insanity is what keeps us sane at times. Also, featured is the video - “Ride the Blog”.

Royal Enfield Advertisements Over the Years

After crawling the internet for close to an hour, here is all I could find. All these are Indian advertisements. If you find something I have missed do share the link in the comments section.

Human Billboards

Human Billboards, the next cheapest thing after water.

Road, Movie; Review

Review of Road, Movie. Abhay Deol’s latest movie. With awesome visuals, the movie has its moments but many may crib about it being too slow and that it never reaches its destination. But the movie was never about the destination but the journey.

Starting Project JV102

I had to tell somebody, So I am telling my blog. Read the whole thing on

Notes of a Wannabe ‘Professor’

After the conclusion of the social media workshop, I talk about some key learnings and how some experiments succeeded while some didn’t. Like I said in class abuses and brickbats were allowed and encouraged.

Phir Mile Sur

Phir Mile Sur, 2010 from Mile Sur Mera Tumhara, 1988. 22 Years of a song, 61 years of a Republic. What has changed? Be the change. Read more on

Vote and Make a Difference

Vote for the Give India Charity on Chase Giving. Make a difference, to ensure over 40,000 children get education for at least a year.

Ride Back Home

The ride back to Chennai from Kumbakonnam and a making special friend. Read the whole post on

Another Chapter

A short post on closing a chapter and beginning a new one. Read more on

Happiness Is Just Around The Corner

The last blog post from the great city of Hyderabad. About Sparta, finding happiness and what the future beholds. Read the whole post on . Over and out….

Memories in a Loyal Trunk

The Joys of packing, and the surprises it holds! Read more on

The Moon Finally Set

And I reluctantly looked at the sun; it was strangely looking beautiful now. Read the complete post on

The Tipping Points

Why should new years be about resolutions? Let’s just hope for the best this year, shall we?

The Suitcase in the Attic

The suitcase in the attic My uncle called the other day frantically, to tell me about the suitcase I had forgotten at his place in all the hurry I had left for Hyderabad last year. There are a lot of clothes, one blanket, a muffler and even a camera. For a minute I was more [...]

The Vendor in the Waiting Room

A short story on how Rohit finally left the waiting room for good.

Clenching the Fists of Dissent

This post should have come a bit early, with the writer’s block I am going through and the fact that I had still get my thoughts in place to write this one; please do excuse me. I was in Bangalore the previous week for the Social Causes Blogger Meet proposed by Roshni, whose objective was [...]

None? At all?

I owe this to y’all because of the previous post I wrote on M&B. In my un-ending quest to master the art of writing a romantic story (irony!) and also because my brain was functioning only at that level, I read this book called ‘What I did for Love’ (sounds cheesy, doesn’t it? I read [...]

Irritation With A Vengeance

Irritating people come in all shapes and sizes; random people who ask you random questions at random places. Absent-minded and omnipresent, they keep doing stupid things and irritate you. From elevators to movie-theaters, aur bus stops se le kar local trains tak, they are found everywhere. Wherever you go, their network follows! Well, enough is [...]

Trip to Nowhere

I initially thought I would call this post ‘The unshakeable and the brat’; but then I thought about it - a brat riding the unshakeable and the unshakable riding the brat. Applause applause! Thank you! I am supposed to be the unshakeable. Also, don’t expect a travelogue, it’s not meant to be one. I don’t [...]

Riding with the BOSS

I am not a big bike lover. But the first bike that I owned way back in college was the Shogun. I rode it three years before which my brother used to ride it. The engine ceased one fine day and the bore had to be replaced with one from Samurai, its poorer cousin. I [...]

Hyderabadi Hangover

What would essentially happen with a bunch of drunken guys at 11 PM sitting in Hyderabad having watched Hangover just a week before? Hau Sulemaan, kya bataan karte? Hum bhi hangover manate baap. (Yes, Sulemaan, what you saying mate? We shall also make our own ‘hangover’! Abhishek and I started off packing some crab meat, [...]

India, Balochistan and beyond

Fifteen years down, who will today say that I what I did then was wrong? This nation stands tall, proud, fast-growing. – Manmohan Singh during the debate on the Indo-US nuclear deal. Back in 2004 when BJP lost power and Congress came sweeping the elections, I was too one of the staunch BJP supporters who [...]

Angel on Shopping

No.. this is not another Confession of a Shopaholic kind of read. To begin with, I do not consider my self a shopaholic. Uhh. Err wait.. Does shopping every weekend make me a shopaholic? .. Sigh!!! Gone are the days when I used to shop every weekend!! Before u think I am a rich spoilt [...]


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