Apr 1

Google Virgle

So google does it again! And this time its not only Google but also Richard Branson! An April Fools Joke crafted in great detail goes to the extent of even co branding with Virgin! Virgle.

SO what is it this time? 

Colonizing Mars, and actually inviting applications to join the mission as a Pioneer!

Heck, they even went to the extent of creating an online application, you can take the test here. Google totally takes to a all new level this year. Its got FAQs as well! Google actually has a 100 year plan for this!

This is the pitch:
Join our startup civilization
Here’s the Virgle Pioneer pitch: Things will get better. Eventually. Sure, the work will be hard, the broadband rates low, the commodes decidedly open source, and yes, your life might be extinguished in a fiery instant of catastrophic technological malfunction. But your enriched descendants will appreciate your sacrifice, which should render worthwhile your choice to spend the rest of your (perhaps radically foreshortened) life in deprivation and uncertainty.

 Larry and Sergey, all part of the joke!

Richard on Virgle!

You can check and discuss the videos here

They finally spill the beans here. Reads,

Sorry, but the page you’re looking for doesn’t actually exist. Why? Well, because…we didn’t have time to build it. Because we didn’t think that particular page was all that important. Because this is just an early version of the Virgle site and lots more pages will be coming down the pike as the project -

— oh, all right. Fine. April Fool’s. Ha, ha, ha. It isn’t real. There. Are you happy? Does it please you to drag us out of our lovely little fantasy world, to crush all our hopes and dreams? Is that really what you need to hear? Fine, you’ve heard it. Virgle isn’t real.


Get all the details of Virgle here

Gmail Custom Time

HA! This service claims to set the delivery date to anything you choose, way back to April 1st 2004 When Gmail started. This is what it says:

Yes. You’ll only be able to send email back until April 1, 2004, the day we launched Gmail. If we were to let you send an email from Gmail before Gmail existed, well, that would be like hanging out with your parents before you were born — crazy talk.

A ‘genuine’ testimonial!

“I used to be an honest person; but now I don’t have to be. It’s just so much easier this way. I’ve gained a lot of productivity by not having to think about doing the ‘right’ thing.”

Todd J., Investment Banker

Read More about it here

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Feb 4



When you have a mozilla backed project, you can be rest assured that it will rock you like nothing else in the world! So, another round of software wars. After Firefox kicked IE out of the scene, Mozilla hopes to draw first blood with Songbird. Songbird is the first open source application for managing media, the way iTunes does. Perhaps better. Why do like firefox? I like because its extensible, and I can do anything I could ever dream of doing on the web. Well, songbird promises the same. And its meaner and leaner than iTunes! Songbird runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux personal computers with few OS-specific tweakages.

“Songbird is a player and a platform. Like Firefox, Songbird is an open source, Open Web project built on the Mozilla platform. Songbird provides a public playground for Web media mash-ups by providing developers with both desktop and Web APIs, developer resources and fostering Open Web media standards, to wit, an Open Media Web.” - from the website.

The plugins made are already the talk of the town, the most popular being the one that lets you synchronize your iPod with Songbird. Well, i really feel sorry for iTunes now. But what can i say about an application that is huge, bulky and slow.

Here are some screen shots of Songbird for you to start drooling. Yeah, it looks awesome and these are not the only skins available!


You can read all about Songbird here.
To download Songbird, please go here.

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Jan 14

What all trouble people go to! Please stay away.

Dear Partner,


My name is Mr. William Gibbon, Human Resources Director of Barclays Bank
Plc, London. I am writing in respect of a Switzerland British Citizen
customer of my bank Mr. Ratnavale Victor, dual citizen of Switzerland and
Britain , who died together with his wife (Ratnavale Joyce) in a Plane crash
on Monday 7th September 1998 GMT 14:22 UK while they were flying from New
York to Geneva. Please see site below for more information.


The late Mr. Victor Ratnavale left in our bank the sum of Twenty Five
Million Pounds Sterling (£25 Million Pounds Sterling) and nobody will ever
come for this money because he died with his entire family. I am the only
person that is aware of this money since Mr. Victor Ratnavale did not give
to my bank any next of kin to inherit his money. Now, I want to use my
position in the bank to transfer this money to your country for investment.
If you can provide me with an account where I can transfer this (twenty five
million pounds sterling) £25 Million Pounds Sterling. I will give you 35% of
this entire fund while the remaining 60% shall be for me, extra 5% will be
for reimbursement of expenses incured prior to completion of transfer. I am
hoping to get a favourable response from you.

Kindly send your reply to my Email: fijeh@myway.com

Below are the informations we need to enable us transfer the Funds to your
desire Account.

A]. Bank Name………………
B]. Bank Address (including Phone & fax numbers)…………
C]. Swift Code……………………..
D]. Your Account Number………………
E]. Your Account Name ……………..
F]. Your Address (including Phone & fax numbers)…………..
G]. Your Name, Contact Address, Telephone and fax numbers, occupation, Sex
and Marital Status…………
H]. Your scanned international passport or drivers license for proper

Mr. William Gibbon.
Tel: +44 7031849537

Feeling Luckier?

Jan 1

I’ll keep it really plain and simple. The ones presently people are using are dangerous. They could do anything! Anything. Store your password, lock your account. Possibilities are endless.I was looking for user scripts for greasemonkey to do the same. I got this one. I’ll tell you why its good.

  • Does not append any advertisements at the bottom of the scrap!
  • Is free from any malware (I have checked the code, but i could be wrong!)
  • Provides a nice interface to send scraps.
  • Simple customization is possible.

What you need to do is this:

  1. Download Firefox (Yeah, it will not work with IE)
  2. Download the GreaseMonkey addon (from here)
  3. Check this user script (from here)
  4. Click the button which says install.
  5. Login to your Orkut Account and visit http://orkut.com/scraps.aspx

Yeah, you’re done! Keep rocking.

Your friendly neighborhood whiz kid,


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