Mar 11

We have been called a lot of names of late. There is an old school of thought we are so full off; the other person is always WRONG! Its hard at times to even see from the other perspective. Shit happens at times but one has to really look into what could have been the tipping point. There is this thing of a last straw i believe in very firmly.

All was going well this day. Things finally took a turn for the worse and then all hell broke loose. It had to happen. there were a few things either party should have refrained from saying or doing. We were wrong in many things, about the way we even spoke or reacted. The personal gtalk messages were also uncalled for. We were all taking it a bit too far. Maybe we just got carried away in the heat of the moment. Like i said, shit happens. It did.

There are a lot of arguments that are thrown at our marketing class. In fact we were wrong on all counts. ALL COUNTS. We booed them before the statement made by a certain someone, we were not supportive blah blah. We accept all that. But why would we be so uncouth?

Let me tell you why. This is our side of the story, and before you begin reading further let me tell you one more thing, please do not associate my views with that of my class. They may or may not endorse the views posted here.

  • Spoofs are always nice. Everyone likes them. Focus on one’s mannerisms or other idiosyncrasies and not on one’s name or eyes etc. NOT DONE. They were not in good taste. Lets accept that. And if one thinks, its creativity, there is no point reading further.
  • There was a time constraint, and lots of activities were planned by a lot of people. Its good to be enthu about things, but being over enthu at the cost of others’ efforts, NOT DONE.
  • The opening statement, before the last play, was the last straw. We might hav booed before as well, But that statement, NOT DONE.
  • If things have to be taken in the right spirit, accept the fact that at a time when people were people getting impatient to see some jhatak matak, we were bored with the play. WE WERE SIMPLY BORED. That it came out as unpleasant slogans is however unfortunate. We do take responsibility for that. I do at least. So take it in the right spirit, THE LAST PLAY WAS NOT TOO GREAT, especially when people were looking forward to something new.
  • About the chat transcripts, there is really nothing left to say. Things have just been blown out of proportion. If anyone was the aggrieved party, it was marketing; after reading it. Making a mountain of an issue of this chat conversation, NOT DONE.
  • The hooting was done not just by the marketing people, but by a lot of other people. Its unfortunate its been made into a Marketing vs Marcom. Its not. I could say we have been scape goats to issue an apology. But we can be graceful about it. WE CAN LIVE WITH IT, because we want to move on and let go of this.
  • Coming back to the spoof, if there was one for marcom as well, maybe you could have done it first. It would have put the crowd at ease. I can promise you that, still. Claiming to have taken a shot at themselves, given a chance, NOT DONE.
  • And for the untasteful play we had to witness, each one of us missed out on these:
    • A spoof on the Executive Council by the Executive Council, featuring a wooden stick as Samir Robert Bara.
    • Batch Awards covering all streams like ‘The best dressing sense‘ which was won by our dear own Director. Hard Disk of the year, and was won by none other than our Samir Robert Bara.
    • A ppt by someone made for her friends. I am not too sure about what it had. But we needed some of those moments as well.
    • A song and dance routine.

I am not in any way trying to justify what happened. It should not have happened. At a time when we all are looking forward to making a mark in our work and places we join, this is a bit of load we’d rather not carry on our chest. Not what anyone of us as looking for.

Now coming to bit of why I wrote this, I wrote it for myself. Having been part of SIBM for two years, come what may, I love this god damn place. Inspite of Baba, inspite of the attendance, inspite of the teachers. I love it for what it is, and it is every bit our responsibility to make it better and a memorable experience. That we did not. I regret that.

For the people who have been hurt by the outpour by students of my batch, I am deeply ashamed. It should not have happened. We should bury the hatchet and move on. Its a life long cold war we are talking about. It would always crop up, somewhere or the other. Lets not get into all that.

My Formula for peace:

Beer, Whiskey, Barman’s Pitcher, Rum and some Shabaab. And for the stags, self help is best help. Dil pe mat le yaar, haath pe le aur nikaal! 

And yeah, Shit Happens, so lets just bull shit this away and make a fresh start.  

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Feb 12


I’ll always remember reading books of jungle lore by Kenneth Anderson as a kid. The vivid portrayals of the jungles of south India were a treat to read. While most of this stories and musings were about hunting tigers (mostly man eaters), there were many that dealt with panthers, rogue elephants and even bears. What always left an impression was his character sketch of all the animals he dealt with, especially the tigers. I would often identify myself with the mighty creature who would rule the forests as the predator of the… Read Blog »

This is cross posted on IBNLive

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Feb 10



Vivek, a kannadiga by heart and on of my best pals. We’ve been hostel mates for four years and at the end of the term was voted Ms. Universe for his contribution to ‘womankind’. A sweet guy, with views of his own and powerful ones at that. This kiddo packs a punch! This is a counter view to my post ‘One is not enough’ published on IBNLive and cross posted on Life in 360.

I totally agree that voilence is uncalled for in this matter. I am not supporting any kind of regionalism. But there are a few facts that can not be ignored. Living in Bengaluru and being a Kannadiga, I have seen how this transition is taking place in my state too. Initially, everyone was very proud to be a citizen of the “IT Capital”. Today, the very same people feel IT is a nuisance. Why? Because, for non-IT folks, there is nothing to be proud of Bengaluru. IT has become a pain. This has given them nothing but exuberantly high cost of living, higher rents, congestion etc. A person who was earning a decent 15K per month, could send his kids to the best school in the town. Sadly, not anymore. He didnt ask for such a change! And if you visit any IT company, you will see that all the security people, caterers etc are all immigrants. So, what has IT given to the local people? Not even jobs…The jobs created have been taken away by people from other states. The frustration is inevitable. And the politicians use this situation to their advantage and create a complete scene of disharmony.

The solution to such issues is a balanced growth. Every city needs every kind of work-force. It is not fair that farmers of the state get 3-phase power only at 12 midnight to irrigate their land, because the power has to be given to IT sectors during the day time. IT folks have no moral rights to complain about a half an hour traffic jam, when the farmer who grows their food has to go into his farms at midnight to irrigate despite snakes’ and scorpions’ bite possibility. The central govt should step up and create cities like BLR, Mumbai, Hyd in each state and ensure immigrations and their ill-effects on the local people are minimal. This will reduce burden on a few select cities and bring respect to each sector, like agriculture, in these states. This will mainly help in the overall development of the country. When people are not negatively effected by large-scale immigrations, the few immigrant people of the cities will not face any discriminations. And our useless politicians will not be able to this to their advantage and create such hostile situations.

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Jan 14

What all trouble people go to! Please stay away.

Dear Partner,


My name is Mr. William Gibbon, Human Resources Director of Barclays Bank
Plc, London. I am writing in respect of a Switzerland British Citizen
customer of my bank Mr. Ratnavale Victor, dual citizen of Switzerland and
Britain , who died together with his wife (Ratnavale Joyce) in a Plane crash
on Monday 7th September 1998 GMT 14:22 UK while they were flying from New
York to Geneva. Please see site below for more information.

The late Mr. Victor Ratnavale left in our bank the sum of Twenty Five
Million Pounds Sterling (£25 Million Pounds Sterling) and nobody will ever
come for this money because he died with his entire family. I am the only
person that is aware of this money since Mr. Victor Ratnavale did not give
to my bank any next of kin to inherit his money. Now, I want to use my
position in the bank to transfer this money to your country for investment.
If you can provide me with an account where I can transfer this (twenty five
million pounds sterling) £25 Million Pounds Sterling. I will give you 35% of
this entire fund while the remaining 60% shall be for me, extra 5% will be
for reimbursement of expenses incured prior to completion of transfer. I am
hoping to get a favourable response from you.

Kindly send your reply to my Email:

Below are the informations we need to enable us transfer the Funds to your
desire Account.

A]. Bank Name………………
B]. Bank Address (including Phone & fax numbers)…………
C]. Swift Code……………………..
D]. Your Account Number………………
E]. Your Account Name ……………..
F]. Your Address (including Phone & fax numbers)…………..
G]. Your Name, Contact Address, Telephone and fax numbers, occupation, Sex
and Marital Status…………
H]. Your scanned international passport or drivers license for proper

Mr. William Gibbon.
Tel: +44 7031849537

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