Mar 31

There are so many things we watch, do and talk about every day. Be it shopping, eating, driving or just lying down. We feel free and are well equipped to put a point across. But have we ever thought of the objects we use or see everyday? I mean I am sure if they could speak, they could have spoken a hell LOT!!

Let’s take a heap of Lady’s finger or bhindi as we commonly know. We always pick the ones on the top of the heap. Isn’t it unfair to the ones that have been unfortunately placed at the bottom? I mean they are as fresh as the ones on the top, but we are not keen enough to dig deep, we happily pick up the ones on the top. I really feel sorry for the left out ones. And the irony is that by the time the top layer of the heap has been picked and the ones in the bottom are exposed, either they are rotten or another layer of bhindi is poured on top of them. Something like standing in the queue for the ticket of a movie and just as you are about to reach the window, the counter closes with a board oscillating with the “SOLD OUT” sign.

The never ending visits of my not-so-near ones and dear ones made me think about my old bed. It has been bearing the load of all my well fed relatives. It used to complain once in a while by making a squealing noise but sill did a good job. My niece jumped on it, my 101 kg neighbor sat on it, the latest edition to my aunt’s family peed on it and the bed still stands or should I say lies strong.

My old eraser (don’t know how I still have it) has blackened edges now. But still is lying in my pencil box seems to glow with confidence of being used one day. My kid brother does use it at times. I am sure that it must be a real morale booster for the eraser.

I often picture these remix songs walking in fultoo attitude, wearing blinks, long jackets and the aura of glamour around them. They must be feeling so in. Even though they stay only for few weeks, yet they have a solid (positive/negative) impact on us.

They are like wannabe teenagers. They grow on us soon and then we tend to ignore them as we are annoyed by their continuous existence!!

Do send your thoughts about the things you wish could speak . Run your imagination and tell me what they could have possibly said.

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Mar 28



We all have a set of friends and “friends”. Initially it’s a challenge to tell apart “friends” from friends. However, if we let life decide for us, it actually turns out to be a painful process. Something like going through a rough patch. A nerve wrecking experience at times!!! Feeling anguished, cheated and hmmmm … made u very sad. I am sure you have made a mental catalog of your “friends”. Some might have used you, broken your trust, and stolen your better halves and all those universal acts that are actually a NO NO in friendship. Justifications, apologies trying to make up, sometimes all these acts fail to mend your battered hearts. So, the easiest way out is to try to forget these one time friends. Hence, the pain is gone. Forever!!

Alternatively, you struggle to analyze what went wrong; you decide to sketch a revenge plan. How about “TIT FOR TAT”? Old, but effective. The evil inside you is live and kicking and churning the gray cells to choose the next step.

  • Give them a cold shoulder
  • Stop sharing secrets
  • Plot to steal back
  • Decide to just use them now on
  • No more updating each other with the latest sale in the town.
  • You have all the information about the new chick in the tuition but well no more passing on.
  • Just stop talking


Slowly these friends are put in quotes!!
As you decide your course of treatment, you also start with the Dos and Don’ts for the future. Good times are forgotten and your quest for a new herd begins. May be this time you will find a better pal. You will make sure not to get too close with any one. Hence, reduce the risk of getting hurt. Every one will be equally distant/close to you. You become cautious and try and develop new interests. Open a gateway for people with a new school of thought.

Of course we just happen to make pals. This is just a set of thoughts that run in the subconscious. Most of us are socially active and so don’t have time to think, plan and make pals. But what if we had? You think we could crack a good deal by caution? Some perfectionists might secretly agree. If they are reading this, I wont be surprised if they device some law or formula of how to choose a friends and avoid “friends”.

Friends incidents/circumstances——->”Friends”

There is a friend and “friend” in each of us like the world-renowned yin yang, black and white etc. May be friendship suffers with M. P.D. Anyhow, I just pray that all you people are blessed with FRIENDS as long as you live.


P.S: A note of thanks to:
Vinni for giving my article a refuge.
All my friends for being there for me.
All my “friends” - I would not have gone through HELL without you.

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Mar 18



I was astonished to see how she scrapped the last few morsels of rice from the bowl. I wondered why she was so particular about cleaning the bowl in that way. I looked down at the heap of rice that had been scrapped from different bowls in the same manner.

Some of us have the luxury to choose what goes in our meals, they don’t. There is not much difference between our life and theirs as far as food is concerned. Both our lives revolve around food. We work to enjoy and earn a lavish buffet and they work to arrange each meal. It was very depressing to see how they had to depend on others for every single meal of the day.

With great pride, the head sister showed her monthly planner. How different people or companies sponsored some of the lunches and dinners. This month’s birthday bash (a day to celebrate everyone’s birthday) was to be sponsored by a famous IT firm. Just so that we do not run out of options, she immediately proposed the idea of sponsoring any meal for any other day of the month. I looked at her freckled fingers, tired but satiated eyes, grey eyebrows and wondered how many years must have passed since she is taking care of all these old people. As I looked at her, I heard Mr. Francis walking towards us, slightly out of breath and smiling enough to reveal his uneven teeth structure. He was just back after showing the old age home to some visitors like us. We unanimously declared that we wanted to explore the place ourselves. He tried to hide the relieved feeling from us and we acknowledged it by smiling back. Somewhere deep down I had decided to have minimal conversation with the inmates. I know it would have defeated the entire purpose of the visit but other wise it would have been difficult for me to control my emotions. Every wrinkled face had a story. A story that I would have loved to listen, if I had courage to hold back my emotions.

As we walked pass the lobby, we met Mr. Iyer. He struggled to walk and very thoughtfully decided the path he choose to walk. He must have wished if he could choose his destiny. His left upper body was paralyzed thanks to the mistake of a naive doctor, who gave him a wrong injection. I had tears in my eyes as he narrated his story. I just looked away trying to seem as neutral as possible but could not control the emotional knot in my head. I greeted him and moved further. Some of them were napping and others preparing to reach the common dining area as it were lunchtime. I was glad that I had an activity to look forward. I wanted to get my hands on something useful to take my mind off the story I had just heard.

I met Mr. George fixing some old battery operated cars,. An engineer by profession he was in this condition because of his son, who, all his life cared about his next peg. The drinking habit had made him push his father to this old age home. Mr. George discussed many electronics related issues with us and I loved his expressions when we could not answer his questions. It gave him a sense of pride about his in depth knowledge and we did not mind. We helped him wrap up his stuff as he spoke about his daily routine. My heart wretched to see some oldies struggling to catch a breath with every step they took.


The lunch was served on small tables. One table was shared by four people. They all had the we-are-there-for-each-other look. We served them their meals and took rounds to ensure that their platters were filled. In no time we were taking rounds and collecting the leftover food. I liked the system. We took a trolley around and started with curry first. Collected the bowl of curry and sabzi from each table . Then we took another round to collect the remaining platters. Back in the kitchen, all the hands were moving fast to clean those 150 plates, bowls and glasses. Right from collecting the bowls to arranging the plates in the cupboard, every thing seemed to have a pattern. And, I must say, a successful pattern. Our natural indolence took a back seat and we gave our heart and soul to the chores for the day. Another sister explained the entire PROCESS of collecting food. We collected the dal and sabzi from all the containers and poured into one big container. She thought of teaching us the most efficient way of cleaning the food containers. Her hands slowly reached the bowl of rice….

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Dec 30


I would like to thank NIKITA for this piece. I had been bugging her for a while and she finally caved in to my pleas. I could say I love you, but my bones are in the right place right now, and I like it that way!


I got up from the bed after hearing the commotion outside my house. What a sight. I saw some hundred men gathered in the middle of the road. After a good look, I discovered that they were the Auto drivers. As I approached them, I was told that I had a task. Bewildered, I needed an explanation about the task. To my ultimate delight, I was informed that I was, supposed to push the auto walas in front of a moving vehicle one by one! I jumped with sheer delight and started to push them. It seemed that I was allowed to commit one mass murder… I felt exhilarated as I did my TASK. Suddenly I heard a voice calling my name in a rather angry manner. Sounded like my mom’s .I got a nice jolt on my shoulder and was disheartened to realize that she woke me up from my beautiful dream. ….


The cause of the dream was not baseless. The thoughts, which gave birth to this dream, have been churning in my head from quiet some time now.

My sheer hatred towards Bangalore autowalas is palpable I guess. Frankly I believe that only 1 out of 10 autowalas in Bangalore can be compared to a human being! Ok . that’s the maximum I can brag about their GOODNESS.

I stay some 2kms from my office and in recent past, it has become an impossible task for me to find an auto back and forth my office. These autowalas seem to have an imaginary boisterous aura around them. This prevents them from taking short trips, which will fetch them a min fare of 12 bucks. I feel we do a favor by paying 12 bucks for distance worth 4 bucks!

If the distance is too short, they will not take you.

If it is too far they will not take you.

At rush hour, they are not ready to go to travel.

If it is an empty road then they might not have the MOOD to travel.

The attitude in their tone when they say a NO makes you feel as if you committed a sin by asking for a ride. If you wake them up from their siesta (so what if its 11:00 a.m. in the morning) and ask for a ride, to a place which they do not feel like going… just leave the conversation and run ASAP. You really don want to hear the fancy word shower on you. I feel you are lucky if you get in an auto, which is farley new. The auto wala is new to all the gimmicks, tricks and tips. Hence it becomes less agonizing.




Few interesting observations:

According to autowalas, four people cannot sit in an auto. Else, a cop might catch them and hence they are not ready to accommodate. However, (surprisingly) if you pay them 10 bucks extra, they are ready to make adjustments. So logically, if we pay the autowala 10 bucks more, the cops will not catch them! Huh! What a crappy logic.

ImageShackThey conveniently refuse to tender exact change but will never take a penny less.. Why? Cause apparently the entire world is richer than they are. So what if they have expensive mobile phones (blame it on service providers for such low tariffs) and fancy autos.

If you come out from a mall and ask for a ride, be prepared to hear some exuberant fare. As you walk away trying to ask another auto, you get the looks…go-ask-anyone-the-fare-remains-the-same.

If you want to go some place situated at x, degree latitude and y degree longitude make sure there is no change of even a minute in the location. Otherwise apart from the fare meter, the crib meter also starts!

Some times, they simply say NO. In that case do not dare ask the reason…

Once I asked an auto fellow for a ride from Urvashi theatre to jayanagar. That fellow stopped his auto, thought for two minutes, and then said a NO… I wonder what mind boggling thoughts he had..


When one has to face such situations every day, it becomes a tedious task of even thinking about traveling in an auto. So there is no doubt that this article is direct Dil Se….


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