A Li'l Drop Of Me

A tad messed up, but hey, she's working on it! ;)
An effort to understand life.. its complexities, niceness and all

No time to wait till her mouth can Enrich that smile her eyes began!
an unfinished life
Attack of the redneck mommy!
Delve into the Mind of A Budding Blogger

Creative Writing Blog - humor, stories, poetry, fiction, fantasy, bizarre etc.
Doing Jalsa and Showing Jilpa

Life, the universe and a few other things
Ginger & Cardamom

Sceptical, Eloquent, Childish and now a Professional

There's a fly in my soup, Mr. God

Just like the name...
I Think ...Therefore I Am Anupama

Everything that I think about - the places, the people, the planet...
Inside Candy

in candy we trust
It belongs to man to err!!

A riddle wrapped up in an enigma!
Its always raining in my head

This blog is a little window through which you can peep into my life and get a glimpse of my silent ruminations on its day to day happenings
Just a mother of two

Hi!This is NOT a 'mummy blog-'But there are some 'mama moments'! No politics here or world issues.You'll find musings about life, some funny, some sad, some mundane, some trivial, some interesting, some happy, some touching--but mostly everything you can
Me myself and the world around me

All about my experiences, some toons, stories, poems, sarcasm, wit, hope, fun and lots of bitter truth. And the other hundred thousand voices in me.

Clichés, Banalities And Imperfections Of New Thoughts…

A collection of mere-stupid ramblings, rendezvousing memories and also-profound thoughts.A History of the less-ordinary, made-mis-fits and the numerous nodoby(s) that one meets in the journey called Life.
Nikhil's Musings

Life of a Mallu Under Management Process
One Life to Eat

The Foodie Blog!

Inspiring blog from pravsworld

A collage of our experiences, our thoughts, our feelings and a part of our hearts and souls...with some crazy stuff thrown in ever so often
Secret of Life

Spirituality with a smile
Sneha's blog
Standard Madness

The Humour Blog
The Dilbert Blog

By Scott Adams
The Earth Sign

My sister's blog
The Official SIBM Blog

Not just business as usual!
The Still Mind

Words to Confound, to Enlighten. Words to Question and Contradict. Words to Calm, to Unsettle. Words to Speak, to Silence. Words to Still the Mind
Thoughts In Brownian Motion

Giving life to my thoughts through a process of self discovery!!
Youth Curry

Insight on Indian Youth

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