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Green Ladakh

Two days of riding in the rain, across the western ghats with the Inddie Thumpers. Of the hidden potential in each one of us, the love of riding we nurture, and the wonderful people we ride with! Read the entire thing!

Have you Stumbled Yet?

While social media ‘gurus’ go gaga over Facebook and Twitter, they kind of miss out one of the first crowd sourcing services that started it all. Is it worth not knowing something that is just second to Facebook in driving traffic?

Billion Hearts Beating

I took a Pledge to sleep more. Couldn’t have been simpler working towards a healthier heart! What’s your pledge?

You Dweeb!

Are you a cyber troll or are you victim of one? Read it now you crazy punks; or did you just get your face stuck in the blender. Hey! I am just trolling!

The Donkey, the Chimp and the Starfish

Did you also fail to have an effective blogger strategy? How not to integrate blogging into your social media strategy. Read on.

The Greatest Zombie Movies of All Time

Did the last zombie movie keep you awake for a night? Check out these, they might keep you awake for a month, and will help you prepare for the worst eventuality. The next post will discuss the weapons of choice!

Summarizing the Power of Social Media

Two of my favorite resources on Social Media which I use for all occasions. From pitching to customers to talking to students to even conferences.

13 Ways to Survive an MBA Program

The second helping for would be managers who failed to heed the previous post’s advice. Now learn how to survive the MBA program in 13 ways, easy enough for a monkey to follow.

The 11 Point MBA Check List

An Army of hopefuls each year, and only a handful with reason enough to do one. For those getting into the vicious circle of B-schools, fake rankings, bad professors and highly inflated salaries.

Another Random Road Trip

A road trip to nowhere ended up in the Induction Ceremony of the super duper juniors of ours. That’s not just randomness personified, but makes us proud losers of the highest order.

Exclusive: Friend Network Optimizer by SAP

SAP with a facebook application that maintains, well; a facebook score. While the message maybe right, is it a classic case of incorrect segmentation and bad positioning? Read on..

Corporate Blogging: Demystified

The Complete Slides from the Digital Vidya Bootcamp in Delhi. The whys and the best practices of Corporate Blogging.

10 Reasons Why You Need a Corporate Blog

Google, O’Reilly and Dell continue to lead the pack with the best corporate blogs around, here are some quick reasons why you should get to it soon! If you don’t start blogging, your competition will.

Coolest Rickshaw Ride Ever

A good auto ride, a good driver and a kickass auto.

Time Travel in Cyber Space

A small brief about the journey of mine through cyber space. From 1997 to now.

Biking Down to Happiness

A ride down to Hyderabad and back on a bullet alone, about soul searching and finding those moments that keep us going. Like I said, Insanity is what keeps us sane at times. Also, featured is the video - “Ride the Blog”.

Royal Enfield Advertisements Over the Years

After crawling the internet for close to an hour, here is all I could find. All these are Indian advertisements. If you find something I have missed do share the link in the comments section.

Human Billboards

Human Billboards, the next cheapest thing after water.

The Law of Publicity and Social Media

“Strong brands are built with publicity and not advertising”. So what does that have to do with social media, and how does the Law of Publicity fit into the scheme of things? Read on.

Paid Journalism, What’s the Big Deal?

So What’s all the hype about paid journalism? Should we even worry about it so much? Are we missing out on the larger picture? Read on.

Case Study: Social Media for Non Profit, GiveIndia

This post is not about best practices; but about how one Non Profit Organization - is taking philanthropy to a new level by reaching out to people and the influential community online.

Blogger Etiquette Cheat Sheet

Some thoughts and ideas for every blogger to keep readers happy, and make them keep coming back. Part I of the series on blogging etiquettes. The next post is for the blog readers! Keep blogging!

Re-Landscaping Web Commerce

Inspired by a video I saw online, its just some thoughts on how customers can gain if ecommerce websites use social platforms effectively. A win-win for sure!

Kingfisher Indiblogger Bangalore Meet

The official video of the Kingfisher Indiblogger Bangalore Meet. Hitler wants to go to the blogger meet, but is unable to. Find out why and also his death wish!

Road, Movie; Review

Review of Road, Movie. Abhay Deol’s latest movie. With awesome visuals, the movie has its moments but many may crib about it being too slow and that it never reaches its destination. But the movie was never about the destination but the journey.

Starting Project JV102

I had to tell somebody, So I am telling my blog. Read the whole thing on

Notes of a Wannabe ‘Professor’

After the conclusion of the social media workshop, I talk about some key learnings and how some experiments succeeded while some didn’t. Like I said in class abuses and brickbats were allowed and encouraged.

Social Media in Three Hours

These are the slide decks from the workshop I took in Symbiosis Institute of Business Management on social media. The classes were spread over three weeks with 2 hours each week. So it was totally 6 hours, which included 3 Hours of facilitation and 3 hours of case studies. Would appreciate feedback to improve the quality of teaching and content.

State of the Blogosphere 2009

A snapshot of the blogosphere as aggregated by technorati.

Leveraging Bloggers for Social Media

A lot of social media companies today get into using twitter and other forums and perhaps to a large extent even relying on it solely. The problem with most companies is not relying a blogger base along with a twitter following.


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