Angelism?Angel is all about being in a total different league! Red roses are a firm NO NO for her. If you really want to make her day, then send her a nice bunch (single flower will also do) of Gerbera. To her fragrance, sensibility, intelligence and little negativity can be appealing at times. You can bribe her with DARK chocolate sans any nuts…A whiff of a good sense of humour (rare though) is welcomed with open arms.

Angel just LOVES shopping! If you know what you want in life, she’ll will I guess hold you in high esteem (though she claims she is kinda lost herself). Angel also loves bright colors, weird shapes and loves to mix and match. Her commitments and relationships are most important to her and claims impressing her is not easy anymore.. (I agree!).

Finally, keep smiling and wear her attitude!! its always in!!!

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And if flowers are too much an effort, you can just leave her a message!

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