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A round has already been done about the entire blogger meet by so many already bloggers. Let me take you through what won’t be posted on the IndiBlogger blog as well. The inside story behind the blogger meet. How it all happened, and what kept us going.

The guys were coming to Mumbai for the second time, and for once we had a presence here. So Renie and gang landed up at 11 in the night to my humble home.

IndiPreparation: We slept at 6 AM on 15th August. What were we doing? Laughing and giggling like Beavis and Butthead while successfully reducing the blood levels in our alcohol stream.

IndiBeer: What kept the IndiBlogger team going for two nights? 24 bottles of beer, 2 litres of Old Monk, one bottle of blenders pride and Southern Comfort. By the way guys, there is an offer at HyperCity: Get a bottle of beer free with every three bottles yiu buy.

IndiTripping: What kept me going for all the days after I realised I was broke? Cough syrup. I must suggest you try this psychedelic cough syrup called Adulsa.

IndiShirt: Anoop and I had to wait for 2 hours at the Big Rock office because we never found a cab or auto to carry the T-shirts. Apparently, the boxes were luggage and no one would carry them. Anoop and I put together would have weighed close to 10 times more easily. So after sharing some pleasantries with every rick we finally got a cab. We thanked our stars, AC worked.

IndiCoffee: The guys also discovered a Barbie mug which is lying at my place since a friend of mine left it. The guys also had to tolerate my coffee which I make very much like tea. Add tea to the sugar syrup.

IndiLife: I also realised that it was best Rashmi was left doing her stuff. I came very close every time I spoke to her to getting boxed, kicked and thrown in the gutter.

IndiLife: She only looks sweet. Beware

IndiNeighbour: Myneighbours were very supportive. They only threw some shoes at us once in a while. They even offered cold water when we standing outside the house for a smoke.

IndiBanners: The banner was originally supposed to be one huge 10 x 20 feet banner. The printer made smaller banners just for fun, which actually worked out well for all of us.

IndiSandwiches: I like chutney sandwiches. That’s why everybody got to eat those. Period.

IndiCam: We actually took footage of all you bloggers at the least expected moments with high zoom. This also goes for us buggers; including me sipping whiskey (coffee) from my Barbie mug, Renie without his shoes, Anoop dancing around like a hippie and Karthik scratching Anwin’s ass.

IndiBike: My bullet was our ferry between home and Hotel Sea Princess. The day of the blogger meet, I had to keep checking if Edin was still on the pillion. Only vehicles around me would have felt the wrath of a bullet cutting lanes and signals to reach on time.

IndiPav: The blobs of shit, Anoop and I had before we hit the venue on Saturday. Those were truly nothing close to what we usually eat here in Mumbai.

IndiLove: Karthik may have finally found true love in Mumbai. Ask him who it is!

IndiChaat: What we had after the blogger meet got over. BG, Simi, Shilpa, Karthik and I.

IndiSexFace: What Renie looked like when every blogger wanted him to pose for a snap.


IndiZombie: Shilpa after feasting some blogger blood.


IndiCelebrity: Gul! You should have seen Renie’s face every time she called.


IndiFlight: How we gave a lot of confidence to our sponsors Jet Airways by reaching the airport exactly 1 second before boarding.

IndiSponsors: BigRock, JetAirways, Soch Lo, HP and Hotel Sea Princess

We are honestly nice people. Now go make us some more Chutney Sandwiches. Hehe.

14 Responses to “IndiScoop: The Mumbai IndiBlogger Meet”

  1. magiceyeNo Gravatar says:

    lol! that indeed was a wonderful wrapup to a fantastic meet handled superbly by you guys!
    thank you so much for a wonderful evening!

  2. PurbaNo Gravatar says:

    LOL @ successfully reducing the blood levels in our alcohol stream.
    A fun account of all the hard work that goes behind a successful bloggers meet.

    And Delhi is sulking big time!!!!

  3. Dr roshanNo Gravatar says:

    congrats for an extremely successful Indiblogger meet guys… kudos.. still remember the only one i attended years ago in Pune..

  4. Dude!!!! This was awesome!!! Barbie he he he .. I got the video :) IndiSexface he he he .. Nice post man .. just waht I needed this morning!

  5. KarthikNo Gravatar says:

    Nice post dude. And btw.. what’s it with you and people’s ass? :-) Leave them alone dude. You have your own, scratch just that.

  6. MagaliNo Gravatar says:

    This post was just hilarious! :D

  7. hemalNo Gravatar says:

    hilarious!! and a nice list of IndiWords :) Addy should be impressed.. good to read what you guys were up to before the meet…

  8. ltlstarNo Gravatar says:

    You served payyans from chennai tea? Filter kaapi illiyaa?? Vinnniiiiii Vinniiiii…

  9. Sheila V.No Gravatar says:

    Very funny post. I never knew that any person could get high on Adulsa. It was good meeting all you people.

  10. lol this is indiFun :P Renie makes a great Indiface - a brand face ! :D and who is this giving Zombie Anoop a competition ;)

  11. MohanNo Gravatar says:

    Dude.. that was some serious IndiInsiderScoop and not just IndiScoop! Good to have met you in person and we surely had a wonderful time by this time last sunday! It was indeed a wonderful way to celebrate 3rd birthday of Indiblogger in Mumbai!

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