Green Ladakh


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That night like every other night before a road trip, I could not sleep. Not one bit! I kept tossing and turning, drinking a gallon of water and taking a leak every 15 minutes. I knew it was going to be one hell of a ride; especially since it was also going to be raining cows and buffaloes.

It took a good 50 minutes to saddle up everything on the bike. I was carrying my laptop too, and calling that crazy would be an understatement, it was plain suicidal. Torrential rains had hit the western coast and I was carrying a costly piece of electronic for a slide show of the Ladakh photos. I’ll come to that later of course.

I decided not to wear any rain coat since I was more interested in protecting myself with the torso armor. Aaah, what the hell we were going to get wet any which way; why bother. I left while it was still raining only to realise I had missed Samarth by a whole 3 minutes. Yeah, that’s what Inddie Thumpers can do to you.

At the lodge at Kumbarli Ghats

My mind was especially blank that morning because the only thing in my mind was to reach on time, I did not want to put up a sorry show out there. I reached Panvel in record 40 minutes with all the rain only to ask for Datta Vada Pav like an idiot. The folks on the road would have been wondering why the hell is this guy with all the armor asking for freaking vada pav at 7 in the morning.

With great ingenuity and street smartness, I missed the vada pav center while Guri and gang were lovingly calling me an Idiot of the highest order. I made a grand entry finally by soaking everyone else around me wet; which is where I got introduced to SP (Sex Please or Srijit Patil) who promised fireworks in my pants. Now the fun started, since they very clearly remembered how I had managed to escape the naked cat walk routine, the pole dance and other simple joys of life lovingly called ragging.

We started from Panvel at around 8 AM and enjoying the rain none the less. We couldn’t care less about the rain, because it had to do what it had to do and we had to do what we were born to do – Ride.

After stern warnings of not overtaking from the left, I was extra cautious about the whole affair not to mention the ease with which I could enter into the blind spot of the driver ahead of me. I had a PHd when it came to the latter; Nihal had warned me enough last time. He ain’t a bad guy really!

Nishant on his beast

As usual I was trailing mainly because I could never get the saddle bags to sit properly and I was losing balance at amazingly low speeds. Guri cursed me a few times, and even indicated I was riding but a horse on fuel. He wanted me to overtake him so he could continue tailing; but no! I would only overtake from the right! What if this was all a big plan to push me off the road? After much cajoling and meandering, I steadily did overtake him from the left. The rest is history because I got Pandey into doing ‘utthak bethaks’ for over taking me from the left once we finally reached Kumbarli Ghats.

We stopped over at Hotel Sai midway for lunch. Oh did I forget to mention the awesome vada pavs at Datta’s? Maybe I was not a fool after all!

The mutton was fresh; it was just a few days old and smelt like rubber on steroids. It tasted like heaven, maybe perhaps the gutters found there where God’s perhaps relieve themselves.

The ride from hereon was eventful, there were only a few hundred cows and dogs we managed to ride around saving our fat and soaking wet hairy asses. We finally hit the ghats after a few more stop overs. What happens next is the stuff legends are made off!
I went up to Rahul to ask for Fags. Here is what I actually said: “Could I have borrow a fag?” this is what became of it, thanks to the long chain of one person (Rahul) in Chinese whispers: “Excuse me, Can I have a fag please?” The rest is history of common folklore.
So for the rest of the trip, Rahul and gang decided to call me “Excuse me”. It stayed till we reached our Lodge which is where I got a new name.

The roads that led us

The ride in the Ghats was pleasant. There were falls by our side and we were riding through some of them. The roads were phenomenally slippery but that really was not our concern. We were riding, and riding we were.

Mayank had already reached the lodge ahead of us, along with Chintan and a few more. We checked into our rooms in a bit and changed into something that was just as wet. It was kinda fun. Two days we were soaking wet all the time and our fingers had shrivelled into something hideous; not to mention the little fellow who has a brain of his own. He had also shrivelled into a tiny dot. Na, I am just trolling! We all had hardons for two days after the riding!

10 PM is when I woke up after catching up on my sleep, and my intro began. This is where I got baptized with name ‘justify’. I have been also instructed to have that on my bike before the next ride. So it began with the usual teasing of calling me excuse me, to which I made the mistake of trying to testify. ‘Testify’ fell on their ears as ‘justify’ and hence I am justify for the rest of my riding career in Inddie Thumpers.

I proudly made it to the Thumper community since this was also my second overnight ride with them. With handshakes all around I made myself a small peg with only half the bottle and a pinch of coke. Cheers!

After eating the world’s best mutton like blood hungry zombies, and polishing off other’s too we all went to sleep. This was as fresh as can be; it was only morning’s as proudly announced by the Bahadur. It did not taste like anyone’s underwear.

The ride back was a breeze. I mean, there was a lot of breeze and no rain. So riding against the wind, we reached Big Wheels Motoring off NH4 where we cooled off our gigantic tummies with some Indian Chinese.

The food was nice and tasty at Big Wheels Motoring

After admiring the one-liners across the place and taking snaps of just about anything that we could see like a bunch of biker retards, we headed towards Mumbai. Here is when something fun happened and Nishant would be hiding like an Ostrich for a while. Nishant and Prashant were tailing we were riding in the middle along with SP and gang.

Summed it all up

Nishant caught up to us to inform that Prashant was with one rider whose bike had given up on him. So we waited in the middle of nowhere for the two to come and join us. Now here is when we had the most fun time waiting in the middle of nowhere and with no cigarettes in our pocket. So we while we had the time of our lives doing nothing, these two buggers decided to take another route and had hit Panvel. We were still near Khopoli then. Which is when Guri called us like an angel to tell us the boys were already there and cooling their socks off with some nice tea. With loving and understanding looks to Nishant, we proceeded to Panvel at record speed.
By the time we reached home, it was darn late and I only wanted to get off my wet clothes and put something dry. Riding in the city traffic always was painful and no matter how hard we tried it always came back biting in our asses.

So much for this ride to the Kumbarli Ghats, can’t wait for the next one – The Ride of Faith.

Moments during the ride

  • Learning there was no slide show of pictures of Ladakh; while I was chugging a 3 kg laptop.
  • ‘No overtaking from the left’
  • “Excuse me?”
  • Shyamal and Chintan’s little show at night, smelling their underwears and eating one own snot.
  • Fresh Mutton at Hotel Sai
  • Nishant’s distress call on our way back.
  • Ride in two’s, no three, no four. Heck, ride in a single file.
  • “If you don’t ride in the rain, you don’t ride at all!”
  • Pandey, and his utthak bethaks
  • Is it a drive or a ride? (I might get into trouble once again for this one)

Till then ride safe!

I ride. I trip. I live. I justify my existence.

All of us in one frame, for a change

Thanks to:

Kunal, Nishant for the pictures.

Ranjit for his boxers

Rahul for helping out with business

Rahul, Mayank, SP and Shyamal for baptizing me

Guri for leading from the front

Prashant for not bringing the pen drive with snaps.

And everyone else for a wonderful ride!

Special thanks to the rain Gods - for the rain!

10 Responses to “Green Ladakh”

  1. tikuliciousNo Gravatar says:

    Hey Vinni , great account but why no pix of the Green Ladakh , the beauty of the place is breathtaking and I don’t see any of it here. Is there another post for that? Would love to see the pix .. nostalgia I guess. I wish I could at least one time do a bike ride to leh . loved the write up.

  2. MagaliNo Gravatar says:

    3 kg laptop? That’s heavy!
    Anyway I am sooo jealous!

  3. shyamalNo Gravatar says:

    this is a good read justify, hope you had a good time on the ride. This one was just one of the ride, we will be looking forward to see you more on our rides

    Ride safe and justify yourself


  4. AndyNo Gravatar says:

    Hey Vineet,
    good read, welcome to Inddiethumpers….

  5. chintanNo Gravatar says:

    gre8 job bro
    u did it
    n its totally JUSTIFIED

  6. NishantNo Gravatar says:

    Excellent writeup….expecting more fun filled stuff on our future rides….keeep up the good job…

  7. NishantNo Gravatar says:

    Excellent writeup..expecting more fun filled stuff for our future rides….Keep up the good work…

  8. Zack BreazNo Gravatar says:

    My cats love this toy. It is, yet, a toy you must oversee their play with so they don’t tip it over or pull out the tiny “tail”. The cats interest is maintained for approximately 10 minutes or so, then they lose interest. After some days of once a day play sessions I usually put the toy away for a few days and their pursuit is revived once again when I bring it back out.

  9. DadaNo Gravatar says:

    Hi dear,
    You may not know me….well I am the first life member of inddiethumpers…….I declair so. If you dnt believe no issues…lol. nice article….nice photographs…..but i wanted to add my 2 pennies :) :)

    am happy that u loved the feel of riding together with inddithumpers…once you do that…..omlette tastes as some french delicacy……ordinary hot tea tastes as bloody mery…and when at the end of the day all tired and dirty when you try to get some sleep in a dirty loaded room, it feels greaaaaaaaaaaaaat. so welcome to the brother hood of the dirtiest mighties……ride safe bro…

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