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One of the most under-hyped phenomenon which is has been slowly and steadily gaining momentum is StumbleUpon. You might have immediately, asked yourself, what it is. :)

What it is

Here is the dope on StumbleUpon, you basically install a simple addon for your browser, there is one for each browser. And you can stumble through some great content ranging from the bizarre, funny, useful, technology. The new update does not need an install but will have a toolbar on the top of the page which can be collapsed.

StumbleUpon Toolbar in my Mozilla

You basically get the point, right? Keep hitting the stumble button and prepare to be amazed. I also use it regularly to find some good content like wordpress and CSS themes, jokes and so on. Put the keyword, and it traverses the entire database and shows up the sites which have those keywords. Think of it as the “I’m Feeling Lucky” which always returns useful results. If not useful, it might be distracting.

Why it’s crowd-sourcing

Every page you could either like or dislike. So based on the votes by members, the ranking for the particular page keeps changing internally, although not readily seen by the public. So you keep getting only the popular content.

Top Social Bookmark Referrers. Source: Woopra.com


So here is the deal about StumbleUpon, it drives almost two times more traffic than Digg. Yes, two times! Now when it comes to the social media hippies I really want to plead to them and make their customers start using this service because its second to Facebook in driving traffic!

StumbleUpon was owned by eBay from May 2007, when it was acquired for $75,000,000, until April 2009, when Garrett Camp, Geoff Smith and several investors bought it back. StumbleUpon is now an independent, investor-backed startup once again, with offices in San Francisco and New York City. This service however started way back in 2005.

In July 2006, StumbleUpon had 1 million users.StumbleUpon claims to have more than 8,772,000 members as of December 5, 2009. StumbleUpon said that before the end of May 2008, it would have collected its five-billionth “stumble”, more than one billion of which would have taken place in 2008 alone.

(From WikiPedia)

Why it is important for your social media

  • Get targeted visitors to your blog, facebook profile and other online real estates.
  • Build a network of stumblers who regularly stumble your content for more hits
  • There are over 10 million users on this network, aren’t you missing out on something?
  • Using the StumbleThru service allows you to make users stay on your site and keep stumbling content on your website. Some popular websites that use this service are BBC, Blogspot, myspace and many more.

4 Responses to “Have you Stumbled Yet?”

  1. UmangNo Gravatar says:

    Good one, I am using it since quite long.
    And there is one another extension for Chrome viz. Awesome Screenshot. Combination of both ( Stumble and Awesome Screenshot ) gives lot of great features.


  2. SouravNo Gravatar says:

    Hey Vinni!

    I agree, when you say StumbleUpon is (was) something useful! I always had one SU username and toolbar for my blog and work website, but trust me, it’s hardly effective for Indian masses, which is still catching up on the Facebook and Twitter fever, some are yet so loyal with the primitive orkut!

    Useful article. This was my 1st time on your blog! :)

    • VinniNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Saurav, thanks for dropping by! About being effective in India, thats really debatable because you can promote the content worldwide. It does not really have to be in India. Marketeers on the other hand can use it for a lot of things.

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