Billion Hearts Beating


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We crib a lot about how things don’t change in this world. I am but wondering how much better it would be if each one of us could just take one step towards making a small change in our lives.

I came across the newspaper ads of Apollo Hospitals Billion Hearts Beating campaign, and quickly went through the entire site. It seems pretty interesting with no marketing gimmick here trying to coax you into getting a health check-up.

Just log on to take a pledge to yourself and share with others what is the one thing you would want to change about yourself. It could be something as simple as controlling road rage. Anything, that could possibly increase your living years with a heart that continues to pump some good blood, maybe a bit of alcohol in my case.

A few months back, mom told me to take a pledge too. I had to choose between quitting either  alcohol or non-vegetarian food. Both aimed at my health, I did what any self-respecting son would do; I pledged to quit alcohol since it seemed more easy and also save mom the trouble of imagining her son wandering aimlessly and sleeping in city gutters. I was only eating live stock now; surely more humane thing to do.

So coming back the Apollo’s Billion Hearts Beating, I took the pledge to get enough sleep. It seems easy enough to do, with little to falter on and a pledge could not have been easier. The possibilities of my new pledge seems immense:

  • I can dream of Sherlyn Chopra, all I want
  • I need someone to put me to sleep, so my girl better spend more time with me
  • I can also ensure my dog gets more sleep, by using his furry ass for a pillow. He better have one healthy heart after all the sleep.

On a serious note, take a pledge to do something good for yourself. We keep talking about poverty, illiteracy, corruption and there is only that much you can do. Do something selfish for once, because one billion selfish souls can make India a healthier nation and hopefully put hospitals out of business. Naah! I am just trolling!

Take a pledge, by just commenting below and leaving behind your twitter handle!

While I am trying to catch some sleep, take a pledge here: Billion Hearts Beating

2 Responses to “Billion Hearts Beating”

  1. MagaliNo Gravatar says:

    I like that you took the pledge. But Sherlyn Chopra, seriously?
    Haha I’m still at an age where I can say I’ll think about this later! :D

  2. VidyaNo Gravatar says:

    Amazing……..! Billion hearts beating..

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