Exclusive: Friend Network Optimizer by SAP

On May 29th, SAP finally hit Facebook with the launch of the Network Friend Optimizer ‘Viral’ Application. Though the application has not made much noise so far, it seems to have some elements right but leaves a lot of questions in the dark as well!

Their Youtube channel went live yesterday at around 12PM GMT. (June 1st, 2010) . The Official YouTube channel is yet to get its profile image, and with no official Twitter channel for this application.

The dedicated website for the application is not yet active and the funny thing is its even linked incorrectly as http://www.facebookoptimizer.com-/ in all their communication. Notice the “-“ at the end of the ‘com’?

Even the right link, http://www.facebookoptimizer.com/ is yet to go live. It gives an error when opening in India, since the DNS is yet to reflect on name-servers worldwide.

The application took around 3 minutes to load for me since I have over 1000 friends. Since it analyses your friends and your activity it depends on how much activity you do, and how many friends you have.

While the application tries to:

  • Add a Leaderboard – to see where you stand in the world
  • Assign Points for each activity
  • Ascertain your Facebook activity and compare it with others
  • Focus on the one most important facet of facebook – how popular you are in your network

What is very weird, in the approach with the application is:

  • How are they trying to market a B2B application with a very B2C centric application.
  • The application has not been promoted much by SAP’s website
  • Not promoted on any social media channel @SAP on twitter etc

While many would ask what the application does, it actually does nothing. It only maintains score of your facebook activity. But what SAP probably hopes to do with the app is create a quick viral at the same time as the application puts it:

“The Friend Network Optimzer application simulates the functionality of SAP Crystal Presentation (formerly Xcelsius), our interactive Data Presentation Solution”

What I have serious doubts about this is how normal facebook users would actually promote the Crystal Presentation. SAP is a B2B brand.

Is it a classic case of incorrect segmentation and bad positioning?

Verdict So Far:

Facebook App User Rating: 3.3/5
Facebook Fans: 108
Users in 3 days on facebook: 4300+

My Rating: Wait and Watch. Only time can tell. Weird ideas do end up doing well many times!

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