Another Random Road Trip


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This was a random road trip of the highest order. Amod and I decided to take the bikes out for a spin one day. I had pleasantly chosen to ignore the alarm that morning, and he woke me up in the morning at 5.

The sunrise from Panvel

I had not packed and was not rested enough either. We left anyway for Pune at 6. The first stop over was before Lonavala in the ghats for a few snaps a smoke. We hit Lonavala for breakfast, at the usual place Rama Krishna. He makes the best omelettes in my book. The best!

The Best breakfast any rider might ask for!

The plan was to hit college (SIBM) to meet the director and then head off to meet the ex-Director and then buzz off from Pune to Mumbai in the evening. It wasn’t to be. Read on.

On our way to college, from Pimpri we lost our way and ended up hitting the smallest of villages and hills and ghats on the way to Lavale. So after a tedious but enjoyable off road for close to 2 hours we finally hit college at 12 PM.

In true random style, we ended up in the Induction Ceremony of our super super juniors, the batch of 2012. Kiran Bedi was giving a talk that day; and we decided to stay just for the love and admiration of the lady!

I Still Wonder if Amod was clicking us, or the cute girl behind us

The same old confused canteen cashier was still there and he took a good 5 minutes to give back the change after much cajoling and threatening. We headed back to the city now, on the right route this time. Was a pleasant change, indeed!

The evening was eventful, with a dinner at Burger King. They still make the best beef burgers in India. It’s pretty safe to make that statement. But I do hope, they understand the sizes right. The Mini equals large as per Indian standards and the large ones are – Industrial. One size for 4 people; and I am not exaggerating.

So a trip to Pune ended up meeting Juniors and making a lot of fun of them when they talked about doing finance, or becoming investment bankers and brand managers. With snickers all around, and broken dreams about MBA we left the campus having done some social work and knocking some sense into the young gullible minds.

Another batch of would be MBA Bakras

We stopped at a dhabha outside Pune for lunch, and believe me you it was the best chicken I had eaten in a very long time! A Bengali cook who had stayed in Maharashtra most of his life, made it piping hot and was just what we needed for the ride back home.

We hit Mumbai in the afternoon, and it was pleasant to stay from the maddening traffic for a change. Amod also hit 1000 kilometers on his bike which was a moment of celebration. I had to quickly take some rest, only to head for the official Inddie Thumper road trip the next day.

Like Sheetal put it in the best, we are not Lukkhas, we are losers of the highest order.

5 Responses to “Another Random Road Trip”

  1. PratsNo Gravatar says:

    Kya yaar… Ek baar ka induction kaafi nahi tha jo dubara attend karne pahunch gaye :-P

  2. ketanNo Gravatar says:

    Loved the randomness! the new campus is gorgeous isnt it?

    The bloody omellete pic has made me hungry!
    M.U.S.T. H.A.V.E O.M.E.L.E.T.T.E P.A.V N.O.W

  3. shashankNo Gravatar says:

    dude I completely agree with u abt burger king’s burger.
    And keep those wheels rolling.

  4. AnchitNo Gravatar says:

    Burger king.. ah , I can smell it!!!
    btw, u guys shuda let the new guys keep their (duniya badalne ke) dreams for some more tym!

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