10 Reasons Why You Need a Corporate Blog

I was going through a lot of corporate blogs and there are quite a few resources available too. But ever thought about why corporate blogs are so essential? Here are the top 10 reasons why you need one! And get one fast!

1. Show you are a subject matter expert
The blog is not just your corporate mouthpiece. Use it effectively to talk about the industry you are in.  If you find an interesting website about a related or same industry, blog about it. You would soon start building trust with your customers.

2. Market your business category
A blog as a rule should not be just about your business. That’s what your website is for. Promote your business category, what you do. If you are a fashion retailer, talk about the latest in fashion. If you are a restaurant, talk about chefs perhaps even interview them. This is especially important if you are in a niche segment.

3. Engage your customers
Use the blog to effectively start discussions on your blog. Get feedback and ask them what they would want more from you. The things you will come across by building an effective community around you. This also shows you listen to them. The first step in social media is listening to your customer.

4. Good for SEO
Promote individual posts with keywords and links to generate good SEO for your website. With newer content you will also see a gradual increase in your Google and Alexa ranks.

5. Break down the corporate barriers
Websites advertise a lot about your products, and is more ways than one formal to say the least. Use the blog as a more informal outlet about you and the work you do.

6. The most effective PR tool
A blog should be made the central hub for all PR activity. More than advertising, its PR that takes you all the way and helps build a brand in real terms. Use the blog to effectively share more insight into Press Releases, give briefs about product launches. You could even look at holding contests using your blog and your website.

7. You need a hub of all social media activity
While it’s nice to have twitter and Facebook accounts, a blog makes or breaks your online reputation. A lot you do on your blog builds your brand online. So make a conscious effort to aggregate all social media activity on the blog only.

8. You need to establish your brand identity
A solid brand identity is built only when you start promoting your category of business and start engaging with customers. Only a corporate blog will let you do both. Refer points 1 and 2.

9. You need to rely on hype and publicity, and not on advertising.
The blog can be also used to effectively drive traffic and publicity towards new product launches and services. Use simple customer engagement tools and allow people to share.

10. If you aren’t blogging, your competition will
Better get to it.

Still find more reasons for corporate blogging! Put them in the comments section below!

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  1. TavishNo Gravatar says:

    Bloggign is the cheapest way one can market thier business… specially in today’s day and age where everybody is hooked to the net… nice article Vineet…


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