Social Media in Three Hours

Social Media in Plain English, a workshop for marketing students in SIBM, Pune covered very briefly, what social media is, how it works and what it can do for a marketer.

The first class took care of the basics

  • What is social media
  • How Social Media is different
  • Why it makes sense or no sense
  • Cases discussed: Save Our Tigers, Pepsi Refresh Project, Starbucks, Drive Your Beat and Blendtec

Since this was the first class, just an overview was done in terms of idea formation. Indepth case study discussion was taken up in the next class.

The Second class was a bit boring to be honest for students, but here is when we looked at classical marketing principles with new online models. A lot of content is something we build on at Scissor Paper Stone along with thought leaders and Social Media Experts from around the world.

This is what was discussed in class:

  • Online Media Marketing models
  • SWOT
  • Porter’s Five Forces Model
  • 7Ps of Online Media
  • The Scissor Paper Stone Social Media Strategy
  • Case Studies: Ford, Barack Obama, Dell

The final session of the workshop is when we went into defining social media ROI. This was also when students came up with their own ideas for their companies where they would be pursuing their summer internships. It was an interactive session where I guess, I was also put at ease when students had by now getting phenomenal ideas using the entire ecosystem of social media.

Topics discussed:

  • How can one define ROI in Social Media
  • What is the investment? Is it just money?
  • Key Metrics used for Social Media ROI
  • Cases Discussed: All were by students. No published or active case study

The above were for the 1st Year students of MBA Marketing. Basic assumption is the knowledge of marketing principles and management jargon. :)

I would appreciate feedback on these slides, here on the post or on slideshare. Like in my class, I appreciate abuses and brickbats. They are encouraged.

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    Social Media in Three Hours [link to post] #featured #marketing #sociaclopedia #sibm #socialmedia #teaching

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