Royal Enfield Advertisements Over the Years


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Royal Enfield Motors has over the last few years stayed away from commercial mainstream. They have focused more on brand building along with the community for what it believes in - Taking the long overdue trip!

Take the Trip Campaign

From the Enfield Website:

The campaign draws from real lives and bikes. People who have explored their adventurous traits on their Royal Enfield. Others who have pushed the limits to find their place in the sun. Yet some more who have simply given in to their passion for riding and of course, their Royal Enfield.

Old Foreign Print Ads

The original source of the images here

TV Commercials in India

2007 Award Winning Commercial

A Classic Bullet Ad. Yeh Bullet Meri Jaan!

Everyone makes way for the Bullet

A really dumb ad. Machismo.

Kickass Ad! Remember Hoodibaba from Bajaj Caliber?

Do add commercials or print advertisements you come across elsewhere in the comments section! I have not posted any foreign ads. But do share them!

11 Responses to “Royal Enfield Advertisements Over the Years”

  1. AnchitNo Gravatar says:

    I love this tribute!

  2. RohitNo Gravatar says:

    So which model have you selected for yourself :)

  3. KetanNo Gravatar says:

    Boss, bike aa gayi?

    Im not a biking enthusiast, but love the collection here :)

  4. MohanNo Gravatar says:

    Wow.. I have not seen all the commercials of enfield at one place. Thanks for putting them all together! I know it is a dream cum passion for many of the bikers and some of my friends are members of enfield group who go on bike expeditions almost every fortnight!

  5. Dude! This is truly some collection! I am guessing there are more Enfield Ads out there but this is still an awesome collection! :) . Great to see the ads and the bikes evolve (maybe not!) over the years!
    So you got yourself an Electra? Damn. I think I will go for the classic, maybe a year down the line :) .

    • vinniNo Gravatar says:

      :) Hehe. If you want the classic in one year’s time, I suggest you go and book it now. thats how long the waiting period is.

      There are a few more ads I had seen on TV but could not find them. I guess they are just lost! Lemme know if you find something

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