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With Road, Movie Abhay Deol once again reaffirms his undisputed position as the king of alternative cinema. The movie had its moments where it felt close to you; and you felt part of it. Abhay, is the unwilling heir to his dad’s oil business, proudly called “Aaatma Oils”.

On his journey across the dry desert, Vishnu (Abhay) picks up three more people and gets romantically involved with one played by Tanishtaa Chaterjee. What the movie does very well is build on Abhay’s character of being that spoilt brat, and eventually becoming sober and more realistic.

A lot of bad reviews about the movie focussed on the lack of character depth and lack of a good narration, but I guess the movie was not about this at all. It was to the end about only Vishnu; but at the same it did manage to conjure up sympathies for the other cast members like the cheeky kid from the dhaba, Satish Kaushik who is the Mr. Fix-it-all and Tanishtaa who is a gypsy looking for water.

The cinematography was breath-taking with some striking visuals. Through the movie, while Abhay was on the road, the huge line of ladies walking across the desert for water was ironic; and managed to stir up emotions with just that.

Some enduring moments of the movie were:

  • “Yeh Dhabha hai, starbucks nahi”, the kid at Dhabha where the ‘driver’ stops for tea.
  • Satish Kaushik’s brilliant comic timing, and how he manages the cop.
  • The festival that was supposed to be there, so they start their own festival. This was shot in Kutch and with breathtaking visuals and massive lights.
  • A brilliantly shot romance scene with Abhay and Tanishtaa. It was raw and real, without hinging on the vulgar and ugly.
  • How Abhay and gang manage to weasel out of the water mafia’s clutches with just Aatma oil, trading oil for water. It sounds stupid, but the sly parody was nicely done.

What I would suggest to anyone going for the movie is not to put too much thought into events and how some things happen. Let’s just assume they do!

A must watch for all Abhay Deol fans.

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  1. EshitaNo Gravatar says:

    Totally agree with you on Road, Movie… the narrative takes its time, leisurely… I had a blast watching it… a giant-joint-family sitting ahead of us full of hyper-12-yr-olds, bored-uncles and grumbling-aunties :P

    Beautifully depicted shots of how the films “transport people to another world”

    In addition to the scenes you pointed out, I luv’d it when:
    - they are all drunk-stoned-passed-out (cop included)
    - they conveniently “steal” electricity :)
    - mafiaman tries to justify his business model in the jeep
    - in the end, there’s no *i luv u, take me home, adopt the child, let’s make more babies together* sort-of yash raj bullshit… everyone just moves on with their respective memories… very real-life!

  2. Belinda AngNo Gravatar says:

    I so want to watch this! Now to search where I can find it in Singapore.

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