Human Billboards

I saw this guy near Worli in Mumbai. Talk about cheap billboards! With the increase in real estate prices and shooting advertisements costs, I guess we go back to the cheapest thing after water - People!

Just one suggestion, a billboard of a luxury brand with a hot model in front of a shady hut? ‘Positioning’ gone wrong! LOL !

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  1. VarshNo Gravatar says:

    The poor boy’s looking so bored…what brand is it???

  2. VarshNo Gravatar says:

    What on earth were they thinking when they put him up there? I can’t seem to grasp it…am I too lame?

  3. L’oreal did this ? Sad….

  4. NuNo Gravatar says:

    I’m sure it’s not L’oreal..they don’t have any product packaging in yellow :) See it the other way round…it’s at least giving him some source of earning..and hard earned money is always cherished and respected…regarding positioning..well that’s true..but who knows..he might have been to his place or visiting a friend in that area while taking a lunch break :)

    Nice website here !

    • VinniNo Gravatar says:

      Yeah, that’s what I had telling others too. Not sure about L’oreal but, it does seem like I saw their logo somewhere :)
      From creating employment perspective yeah, but I was just a little shaken because this guy was shy and was trying to hide his face all the time. Felt kinda bad !

      • NuNo Gravatar says:

        Hmm..may he was feeling shy because this profession is not yet boomed..the day when there will be plenty of human billboards around this guy and the likes will not feel shy at all..also this might be his majboori to this work to earn money ! just may be !

  5. pravin nairNo Gravatar says:

    Hey vinni,
    thnsk for commenting and following my blog.I have replied back to it on my blog…

    Like I keep repeating ad nauseam, its an honour.

    nice post there on human billboards..abroad,any surface is good enough for a billboard :)

    human billboards are a good way to attract attention as long as the placement is strategic, unlike the above one ;)

    Oh Btw, just to clear the confusion, i guess this is for Neutrogena, since I think i catch Deepika padukone there..Razor sharp eyesight you see :)

    pls keep us hooked onto such interesting posts n insights!


    pravin nair

  6. Kamal HasaNo Gravatar says:

    A saw this guy near Worli in Mumbai. <- A Saw?

    Anyways, this is utter crap. I have seen this sort of stuff in the local malls. Feel so digusted at the ad campaigns all this idiotic people come up with it. Hate it..

  7. Kamal HasaNo Gravatar says:

    I meant disgusted err :p

  8. RidhimaNo Gravatar says:

    Earning is surely there, But this boy is in far decent state Vinni… I have seen a man standing at sec 56 Gurgaon right next to MAX hospital for about a month. The board was half the size of the one in above pic. It had a name of s estate agent with the two numbers printed on it. But man,it was Bloody 42 Degree and he was standing right there at the T point. No shade nothing. It really appeared INHUMAN.
    Most human billboard sign holders are paid minimum wage to do the job and businesses that use them say it is by far the most cost-effective form of advertising for small businesses… but do they care about the deadly repercussions?
    The Spanish capital of Madrid has banned the use of human billboards, calling them an “assault on people’s dignity”. in 2008. Even this year..Florida had some issues and had a ban on them and do u know in protest what these guys say .. We want Freedom of speech! WTF!

  9. ketanNo Gravatar says:

    I have seen this kinda stuff on delhi roads too..couple of guys holding a banner in the scorching heat too!

    I dint think it’d get worse than having hideous big ass billboards on terrace!

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