Case Study: Social Media for Non Profit, GiveIndia


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GiveIndia is a donation platform that allows you to support a cause of your choice from about 200 NGOs that have been scrutinised for transparency & credibility.

They do not raise funds for themselves; but actually have NGOs signed up with them who can create their own donation pages or for that matter anyone without an NGO can raise funds for a particular NGO.

Of the many NGOs in India, Give India has been very tech savvy using Social Media as an effective platform to reach out to people and generating funds online. They are on all social networks including twitter, facebook, blogger and of course their own website.

On speaking to Dhaval, CIO of GiveIndia and his team quite a few points had come up.

  • They have a dedicated team for ‘Internet Giving’ . Its headed by Dhaval Udani.
  • They have tied up quite a few banks including ICICI where people can donate directly from their online banking accounts.
  • On making a donation, immediately a receipt is generated online which can be printed for any tax deductions. This is one of its kind and makes donating online all the more easy.
  • Using social networks they are able to reach out to the philanthropists and donaters since this is also the time when people tend to donate towards causes to save tax.
  • Its easy for anyone to raise funds for a cause.

The target for this month is 25 lacs and they have already raised 15 lac through purely social forums and minimal advertising.

They also tied up with indiblogger and rediff blogs to hold a contest for bloggers to promote social causes. Bloggers can create posts and participate in the contest. They can also create their own donation pages where their readers can contribute and raise money. This is a unique initiative by any NGO because

  • Reaching out to the influential online community
  • Generating funds purely through word of mouth
  • Getting endorsement for their work by bloggers and tweeps.
  • It does not cost anything and they are FIRST to do it.
  • They are now creating a loyal community by also giving badges to all bloggers who can show it on their blogs. You can get one for yourself too here

What the online community can do:

  • Create a donation page for yourself and link it to your blog.
  • Follow them on  twitter, facebook, blogger
  • Write a blog on social causes and post it on Indiblogger’s Indivine

What’s in for a blogger? Give India has incentivised the whole blogger campaign by giving prizes for those who write about social causes and create an iGive Page. If you are able to generate some money from there, you get a gift coupon worth 1000 bucks from Shopper’s Stop. Not to mention:

  • Affiliation with Give India and philanthropy.
  • Mentions on social networks where Give India has a presence
  • Creating a better niche for yourself for social causes. This would eventually result in more readers. This is however something I would cover in another post for best blogging practices.

On average, Give India has tweets around 5-6 times in a day and adding dedicated followers to the tune of 2-3 in a day. They have a healthy response rate to mentions and retweets as well.

What GiveIndia can do better

  • Use hashtags on tweets for people to find them more easily.
  • Have a more interactive blog. Using one of the most common template on blogger actually does not do much for anyone.
  • Encourage comments on their blog, by asking more questions and feedback
  • Have a long term engagement with bloggers for generating more content and also have bloggers write for their blog.
  • Creating viral videos on charity and linking it with their website.
  • Monitor mentions on twitter using simple analytics like or web analytics on their blog.

If you liked reading this post I would request you to take 5 minutes and making a small donation of 100 Rupees or more on my Pledge Page by clicking the image below.

Go to my donation page on Give India


  • GiveIndia is a client of Scissor Paper Stone, which owns indiblogger
  • I have made a donation of 1000 rupees on my own iGive page
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