Social Media for College fests

Social Media for College Fests

There are tonnes of fests happening across India. They would typically be close around one each day, one happening right now as you read this post. The student population throws some interesting statistics.

There are over 17000 colleges with over 10 million graduates and post graduates. Of the overall internet population in India, close to 50 million; another interesting statistic is that 80% of the internet users are in the age group of 19-35. So that’s around 40 million in that age group; typically those who in some way or the other participate in college fests and take part in online competitions.

So traditionally the way events are publicised for a college fest is pretty straight forward:

  • Send mailers to college principles with posters that are displayed on notices
  • Plaster the city with posters
  • Word of mouth

At max, what’s come close to using online forums is perhaps a change in the status messages on IMs. The whole point is we are missing out on reaching out to the online community especially when there are online events and games.

Let’s cite a small example to explain this. A college having its annual cultural fest has online games and needs competitors to solve puzzles based on clues and hints that are posted. How it was done recently for a college I don’t wish to name was

  • Create a website for the contest
  • Create a blog for posting hints

On competition a mail was sent across. End of story! Instead we could have approached not just this contest but the whole fest this way:

  • Have a facebook fan page
  • Create a twitter account
  • Enable the website with all social sharing elements
  • Create a blog for the fest, which has views and info about the team members. This could also be a kickass section where organizers can post about earlier fests and people who attended.
  • Create an RSS for the website and have a news and updates section.
  • Enable mobile subscription

There are means and ways for working on all the above; but that’s a separate discussion. By linking all this up, what we essentially do is create a loyal following for your college fest. How a college can save money by doing this is simple

  • Follow other college/fest social networks. You get to learn about them without making a phone call!
  • Save on courier! Send updates on RSS and facebook/twitter.
  • Saves money on printing posters. Save paper, but still reach out to more people!

How your college and fest gains!

  • Reach out to 40 million youth in just India!
  • Post videos and make them VIRal!
  • Reach out to many more outside India who can participate in online competitions.
  • Links are easier to share
  • Makes interaction with contestants easier!
  • Feedback to improve for the next year!
  • Take the support through social forums. Twitter is a great place to start!
  • For the next year, you can run teaser campaigns!
  • Give incentives to people who spread the word! A coupon for a sandwich, not bad at all!

Just drop us a line if you want some help guiding you through the maze! We will be glad to help!

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