Blogging and Bloggers for Social Media

A lot of social media companies today get into using twitter and other forums and perhaps to a large extent even relying on it solely. The problem with most companies is not relying a blogger base along with a twitter following.

Bloggers traditionally are people with high opinion. Regular bloggers, have their set of loyal readers. Blogs are more indepth and allow a place for discussion. It can also reveal a lot more about one; and give you more real estate.

Blogging and Twitter must go hand in hand

I am also off the belief that bloggers tend to take more effort in penning down thoughts unline 140 characters and make a lot of noise. If Twitter is a noisy pub, a blog surely is a British pub. Another thing, that’s very surprising fact about blogger and twitter is that 80% of the RTs are actually links to blogs. Yes!

Relying on just micro blogging and Facebook is not just a death trap but also very tricky. Yes, twitter has its strengths but blogging allows you to give more information. If anything, both should go hand in hand with more focus on information through a blog and bloggers of course.

Why this makes an important food for thought for social media marketers is because the way, one can judge the influence circle of tweeps, we would also have to do the same with bloggers.

Twitter is fantastic in driving traffic and starting discussions, there needs to a hub of all activity. That should be the blog or even a network of bloggers.

So while we all agree on the strengths and weakness of either medium, we must hence you them together; and make up for the weaknesses in either. The trick is to understanding what you want to achieve.

Reaching out to the bloggers

Indiblogger, of which I am a part of, has its own ranking system which is one of its kinds with blog networks. It helps you quickly ascertain the influencers you would need to reach out too.

Getting hang on these bloggers by injecting topics of discussion can pay huge dividends. They are conversation starters; and did we forget to mention RTs about the blog posts and those 90% bloggers are also on twitter! These could be in the form of a contest, maybe starting discussion threads on forums and other platforms as well.

We at Scissor Paper Stone follow the Hub-Spoke model also referred to as the Home Base and the Outpost model in problogger. How we use the indiblogger platform to do this, is what will be taken up in the next post. Till then, keep blogging!

State of the Indian Blogosphere

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