Memories in a Loyal Trunk


Packing is a funny thing to do really. Far from all the moving business that can get to be a pain especially when you are moving out of your comfort zone. I got so used to this place in Hyderabad. The books were in a place, the alcohol was always there in its designated slot. Seeing the same old things in their place gives you that comfort. Now, I see them all being shoved into boxes and bags.
Of all the shifting that I have done previously, there has been one constant companion – an old trunk. I guess I just dumped all the knick knacks and documents into it over the years. It’s always been there. Though it’s been missing its bolt; I still lug around with it with scotch tapes to keep it closed. While I was dumping more stuff into it, I decided to take a look at what all I had accumulated over the years.
I found my brother’s wedding invite tucked away in a corner. I remembered the day, June 12th 2003 in Bangalore. My whole hostel gang had come for the wedding, and they had come with only one intention - to shut the kitchen down. They ate like pigs and people were just too happy serving them all the more. It was fun being from the ‘ladke waale side’ for once. I only had cousin sisters; and it’s a pain being the ‘ladki waale side’.
I found my old project reports from back in engineering. ‘Kwikpad ver1.0’; was a successful project thanks to the open source community. The professor never realised we had made nothing except, remove the credits but add our own. We changed the colours here are there too. It looked more like a bunch of engineering graduates made it. I still looked at the humongous C code. It still made no sense; just like four years back.
Behold! The greatest con I ever pulled off – the project report of my 8th semester. We had undertaken game theory. For the sheer lack of clue, and lack of any programming skills we made a game. Yes, we made a game somewhat based on monopoly. Though we did use some game theory concepts; it got lost somewhere in all the jazz that we tried to do. I just checked, the site we built along with the game is still active on The Business Quest. For just two programmers from a team of four (Rohit and Subhra had decided they were more the business oriented types); Avanish and I managed to make a decent game which was fun to play. The only thing remaining was, convincing the examiners that this indeed is worthy of an 8th semester project, when was expected was something more research oriented. Well we did pull off the con, and we all aced with 97 out of 100. It was also partly to do with the fact that we handed out CD’s of the game for the examiners kids to play.
Under this report lay, the one I had made for HP during summers in 2007. I had a fun time roaming the craziest of places alone. I guess I am more of solitary traveller. Getting drunk in Belgaum – that’s one thing I shall never forget. You can read it here.
I was going through the greeting cards, the letters I had received, old computer magazine CDs, the cassettes I was still lugging around for no good reason and some old books of my brother. I had accumulated cards I had got over the last 15 years. Yeah, that’s how long I have been keeping stuff. I also came across the photo album my ex had made back in 2005; with some really nice snaps. I had but forgotten this. It was good to see her again.
I found some Polaroid snaps of mine, when I was in 10th class. Man! Did I look like a dork (not that I am not dorky any more). I went through the others things too, some gifts I had received, 10th class marks cards, instructional manual for assembling a PC etc.
I guess wherever I went; I always took a bit of that place with me. And it all came in the trunk, unfailingly. I could never let go of these, its forms who I am now; reminds me of the yester years and the innocence we all leave behind when we grow up. I think now is the time to listen to some ‘puraani jeans’.

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