Happiness Is Just Around The Corner



As I am pacing up and down across the empty rooms in the house, we so lovingly called ‘Sparta’; I am filled with joy, excitement and this strange uncertainty in a good way. I could never cry, i don’t think I will today as well. A close friend always said “Happiness is just around the corner”; maybe it just is. So I hope!

Sparta had grown with us, the way we had grown used to it. After having spent so much time in this house, I think it has a human soul; and it’s crying out but can’t shed a drop of tear just the way I can’t.

I remember the times, when Albert (the house hold ghost) used to scare the hell out of us; and we swear to have seen shadows in the dark whispers in the night. I guess I am going to miss all this; hope Albert manages to find his way to Mumbai sometime soon.

The sorry looking round table in the hall was where we played poker late into the nights. I was lucky enough not to lose much money to all the crazy gamblers around. It was also where we played the first game of M.A.D. That was the watering hole as well. A bottle of Old Monk still lies there as living proof.

Every corner in the house has its own story. The kitchen where I made the first batch of chicken; and many more later. Sparta made a good host at parties; no one ever went back hungry or not hammered. The posters on the wall, are something I leave behind with the hope that Sparta finds solace in me leaving behind something yet again.

As I spend the last few hours in Hyderabad, I go through all the fond memories with Sparta whoever came to know it. I am sure, everyone embraced it like their own. I look forward to reaching Mumbai tomorrow and leave a part of me behind with Sparta and whoever I have known. I look forward to taking that solitary walk on the beach in the early morning, gazing at the sunrise and wonder what the future beholds; having bid adieu to corporate life for good.

And I do look forward to happiness; because happiness may just be around the corner!

My name in Vineet, and I am signing off from Hyderabad.

Over and out.

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  1. DiptiNo Gravatar says:

    Very touching note..
    All the very best to you.. I am sure happiness will come your way very soon ! :)

  2. NainaNo Gravatar says:

    Someone once said Meeting and parting is one of the necessary evils of life. We have to bid adieu to some friends at some point of time or the other, only with the hope that we will meet them again.
    Saying bye to you was harder than I thought.. only coz I realized what a nice friend I had made in such a short span of time….

    Thanks for everything:)

    “The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning”…. and I still hold… Happiness is “surely” just round the corner…

    Wish u a wonderful life with lots of smiles…

  3. UditaNo Gravatar says:

    Remember change is the only constant thing in this world n m sure this change is for good..

    Best of Luck for everything..

    Vinni the Paa, U n SPARTA both will be missed badly..

  4. RachnaNo Gravatar says:

    hey Vinni, wish you all the best :) turn the corner quick :)

  5. VinniNo Gravatar says:

    @Dipti: Thanks for your best wishes!
    @Naina: For all the support and the guidance, a thank you is way too less!
    @Udita: Now, I know you read my blog.
    @Rachna: Cheers to turning the corner quick!

  6. patelNo Gravatar says:

    Dude… you are blogging a lot. Aren’t u tired of the blogosphere.

    “New Myspace.com users (N = 134, mean age 24.5 years) completed a questionnaire about their intent to blog and several psychosocial variables. Intending bloggers scored higher on psychological distress, self-blame, and venting and scored lower on social integration and satisfaction with number of online and face-to-face friends. Intending bloggers may view this activity as a potential mechanism for coping with distress in situations in which they feel inadequately linked with social supports.”

    Rather enjoy the Scotch and Soda kept in Avanish’s fridge!!
    :P atel

  7. SidddharthNo Gravatar says:

    Reminds me of that old BMW Z3 ad which ranade used to show in marketing-I…. Happiness is not around the corner, it is the corner.
    The opportunity to meet new people is necessarily associated with having to let go of a few old friends (hopefully temporarily)…
    Enjoy maadi!

  8. RhydemzNo Gravatar says:

    Wow, this a different point of view of happiness and i cherished reading it. Made me feel nice..
    I feel if we if we can cry with the human in us and When the human in us cries thenTthere is happiness.
    If we can smile with the divine in us ,when the divine in us smiles, Then there is happiness. Happiness is in identification; Happiness is in oneness-reality.
    Happiness is wen i feel good and positive emotions and I feel I’m still human,And the demon,Hasn’t fully taken over…
    Few days back I wrote sumthing on it as well, which is here…

  9. tikuliciousNo Gravatar says:

    The only thing constant is change. I loved this one. very heartwarming.

    • vinniNo Gravatar says:

      I was kinda low when I wrote this post. It was on the last day in Hyderabad. When I was leaving my friends behind and only to see them later.

      Also left behind one my true love in years.

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